September 30, 2009

Back on Track!

Spring is here. My mojo has started crawling back slowly. Back on track with these entriesto contribute on KBB 2nd Anniversary.

My entry for cake decorating competition.

I use fruit cake for cake decorating. Baked about 3 weeks ago, wrapped and stored in a cool dark place in my pantry, it is time to dress up. The cake is 22cm in diameter.

covering fruit cake with marzipan

Like any other Christmas cake, I cover the cake with marzipan first thing. I use marmalade to help gluing the marzipan. I am told that marzipan can help fruit cake to retain its best flavour and keep it moist.

covering marzipanned cake with sugarpaste

Continue covering with white sugarpaste. I use 2kg of sugarpaste here as I want a thicker layer to cover the marzipan.

royal icing, leaves, and arranging decorations

Making royal icing for the border and for gluing the roses and leaves.

step-bystep-sugar roses

Long before I covered the cake, I made some of the roses using marzipan, some use flower paste, and the small roses are piped works using royal icing. I use Chefmaster Christmas Red for the red colour on the piped royal icing roses. Same goes for the marzipan rose. And the other two I use Chefmaster Red Wine. What I learn about colouring marzipan is that the colour is quite intense when it is left a week or so. If you see the colour of the marzipan roses on step-by-step photo above, you may notice that the colour of the roses is pale pink. Scroll down to get a good look of the flower arrangement. You can see that the pale pink colour of marzipan rose has become reddish.

To make the leaves, I use Chefmaster Forest Green. Did not like the colour, but let's see how they are going to turn in a couple of weeks.

About flower arrangement, I suppose it is only your sense of art can lead upon. I am truly a beginner on this kind of sugar art, I am only following my feeling. A little balance here and there, colour here and there. As the theme of the anniversary is Red and White, so it is I should have done.

piping border work

Bordering the cake with royal icing is fairly simple. And I only use shell pipe around the bottom of the cake.

the flower arrangement by ab '09

The finaly flower arrangement.

KBB 2nd anniversary cake by ab '09

KBB 2nd anniversary cake2 by ab '09

Happy 2nd Anniversary, KBB and KBBers. Tetap semangat!

This is my entry for Food Photography competition on celebrating KBB 2nd Anniversary.

Raspberry Jelly by ab '09

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September 18, 2009

Eid Mubarak, My Friends!

Eid Mubarak

May we all be coming back a genuine and purified heart to walk along our life towards the new Ramadhan next year. And I hope I will find my mojo back.

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