November 07, 2009

Truthfully Saying

I have been writing and re-writing what's the best words to put my feelings together and describe them, but nothing rights are coming up. I give up. I am not going to think about it anymore. I just don't care if I am IN the crowd or not, I am NOT going to try to put myself IN the crowd doing whatever people doing without enjoying it or to try to impress you or others; I will still be here: writing whatever I please, photographing whatever I enjoy. Comments or no comments, I have decided I am quite happy with a small group of constant friendly readers rather than a huge group of fans that I haven't really got time to know which is who, who is which. From now on, I am going to write not to try to impress you or a group of popular people in this blogging world (as if they care?), but me only to watch my own progress. I am writing out of my passion, interests, and joy on food and food photography. I don't mind if you like it or not.

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Cheers to the new HomeMadeS.

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WizzyTheStick said...

Be true to yourself and you'll never go wrong. As a newbie blogger I have made the same decision. It's hard not to run with the crowd, when everyone else seems to be blogging, Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkin desserts and soups. These are the current seasonal items of my North American blogging pals who seem to comprise the majority of the blogging world. Sadly these cultural traditions are not of my world and I gotta go with what I know and is available to me....I think your blog is wonderful and you are such a talented photographer.

Alessandra said...

Ciao Arfi,

I try to understand what you are feeling right now, you know, there are so many blogs around, some are so 'professional' (? is this the right word?) that they almost look like magazines but you know what? Many often lack 'soul', and the sincerity of a home made blog (or my understanding of what a blog should be in the first place).

Some are so perfect they almost look scary.

I am not putting down those wonderful people who put a lot of work and creativity in their blog here, not criticizing, and actually praising those bloggers who are talented and/or who manage to pull together a community...

...and sometimes communities become cliquey, and other times visitors have no time, or are too shy to post a comment. I noticed this with NZ visitors in particular, they don't post, but maybe this is because I tend to know well some of my visitors so they send me an email instead :-)

Maybe what I mean here is that it may happen that some bloggers become 'competitive', even envious, looking at who receives more comments and visits, and this may leads us (consciously or unconsciously) to post things to impress.

Yes we should challenge ourself and improve, could be with better writing, better photography, better topics, but we should always remain ourselves too!

You have a beautiful blog Arfi, come on! I have just included your link to my blog because I think this.
In fact I think that I am going to put a link to this post too, (including my reply) because I think that we should encourage people to blog because they enjoy it!!

If it becomes a stress, if it is done only to 'please' others, it will lose authenticity.

In a way I feel privileged that I can blog for free (thank you google :-) !!!!) and that I can come across blogger like you. So chin up, I accept your glass of wine and look forward to more relaxing days drinking together and talking about food and life in general, like good virtual friends can do.



Arfi Binsted said...

@ WhizzyTheStick: I don't do American or European seasonal events like Halloween or Thanks Giving because I live in New Zealand and I am an Indonesian-born. I just know New Zealand and Indonesian cultures. It seems ridiculous if you are in Indonesia and celebrate Halloween? I would rather post about seasonal ingredients, like Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn vegetables rather than carving pumpkins just because everybody does it. So, yes. Be true to yourself, and I think I am going to do that. Thank you :))

@ Alessandra: thank you for your encouragement :) Yes, we should really find a date for a luncheon, ey? Our orchard is lush green, packed with promises that we can enjoy in Summer. Still battling with aphids, beetles, and birds, but hey, we're on to it hehehe... Keep in touch!

Y said...

Cheers to you, Arfi! I have always liked your blog because I thought you'd been doing that all along - writing for yourself. The fact that you've shared your thoughts and your beautiful photos, are a privilege as far as I'm concerned!

Claudia said...

I just found your blog today, due to the Monthly Mingle, and want to encourage you to continue with your brilliant photography, creative cooking and writing. I don't have a "popular" blog, it's not always about cooking either, but I continue because I enjoy the process.

We also have lots of fruit trees and so I feel the need to use the produce and not let it be wasted, and want to share what comes of that.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Totally and totally agree with you's your space and your tiny world of have full right what to right and what to express....go ahead...whatever you write and post mean a lot to new bloggers like are inspiration to many... believe me...take time and come around...take care...bye...

Penny said...

I love your blog - for your great recipes and beautiful photos. Please keep it up!

Blogging for me is about communication and fun. I have a small number of readers, and an even smaller number who actually comment and that is ok.

There are some powerful bloggers out there with large followings - some even go to large lengths to promote their blog and that is okay if their aim is to reach lots of people. But blog readers tend to look for authenticity, honesty and connection so if a blog doesn't answer those then they will lose followers. Your blog is one with integrity.

I have noticed that with the rise of Twitter and Facebook (and their microblogging facility) that blog postings and commenting on blogs has decreased.

Like you, I'd rather have a small group of friendly folks who stick around and comment than a huge following of "brown-nosers" (excuse the crudeness) who wish to inflate my ego.

Barbara said...

Well said arfi. Also some astute comments from your readers. I've just posted my own thoughts on blogging. I hope you will find some solace in knowing you aren't the only one with these feelings. Hugs. I so wish I could get together with you and Alessandra,

peasepudding said...

Hi, I have only just discovered your Blog today and completely understand what you are saying. I have been Blogging for just a year now and felt quite intimidated at first and felt it was quite a click out there but as you say, stay true to yourself and just enjoy what you are doing. I'm also learning to photograph and really enjoy that part too but sometimes it can be frustrating with limited knowledge.

You have a beautiful Blog, photos and recipes and it's great to find a fellow Auckland who also originates from another country like I do! i have bumped into many NZ Blogs.

Do you still have your ladies cooking group and would you let and fellow Auckland Blogger join you one day?

Have fun creating!

Happy cook said...

I for one fully agree, this place belongs to you and you should write and do with it as you please and the way it makes you happy.
I think if you look to lot of blogs one would not blog anymore as sometimes one feel as a real amature ............. but then i think that is what most of us are.
For sure i am gonna visit here always.

Bruno said...

Hi Arfi,

I'm glad to hear that you haven't lost sight of why you began blogging in the first place. I too had gotten caught up in the "affirmation by way of comments trap" and began disliking blogging, but then realized I had lost sight of why I blog - to archive my recipes, travels and wine experiences. I have found my way back to the true essence of blogging and feel so much better. Keep blogging for yourself!!



P.S. - I like reading your blog even though I rarely post a comment.

Arwen said...

Cheers to the new Homemade S, Arfi! I love the light on the glass in your photo. You do a beautiful job of photography and I love hearing about your homegrowns and homemades.

amerrierworld said...

Arfi, I'm so pleased you're staying. Posts are more like 'postcards' - and, for me, the best postcards are those that are written from the heart for the sole purpose of communicating something that the author wishes to express. The best ones aren't about self-promotion or self-agrandissement, just as the best blogs aren't necessarily those with the most followers or the most twitter updates or the daily posts. I come back to your blog because it speaks to me - it is your voice and it stands out from the crowd. I wouldn't come back otherwise!

Marija said...

I have been reading your blog for about two years and it's been very inspirational and motivating. But, I would love to see you post more. Because I really really love your blog and what you're doing here.

Debbie Pearson said...

I've been a blog stalker of yours for a long time. It's eye candy, it's inspiration, it's motivation, is delicious and doable. Do it for yourself, but know there are many of us out here who are typically silent but devouring everything you post :)

Arfi Binsted said...

Thank you, everyone of you. I really did not expect you are so kind and generous in giving me compliment and encouragement. It feels so wonderful when you are down and there are some people who cheer you up. That what friends are for, don't you think? Thank you once more and I treasure your presence, each of you that will make this blog keep rolling :)

Hugs to you all!

Scribacchini said...

Ciao Arfi
I like it and hope you don't mind ;-)

In italian we use to say "we are proud of you". I don't know how it sounds in english but I'm sure you understand what I mean.
Un bacio. Kat

Anna said...

I think that blogging about anything, especially food, should be to share the things you love with the world, but also (at least for me) to give yourself a little pat on the back when something went well, or encouragement if it didn't go so well. When others are right there with you as you experiment, it's a wonderful bonus, kind of like a hug, but even without the comments (which I too love) you still have the yummy cake that came out great on your first try and which you shared with a friend. And that is wonderful too. So keep sharing and I promise to keep stalking :D

Claire said...

I've been reading and not commenting for a long time. I love coming to your blog for inspiration - I would love to have such a variety of produce from my own garden! I love to hear about NZ and Indonesia - for me it's the two cultures that makes your blog so interesting. I hope you keep going just the way you have been.

Kalyn said...

I'm so glad to see that you're working through this since you posted on Twitter and are not giving up the blog! I think so many people have these periods where blogging doesn't seem quite right, for whatever reason, but your photos and talent would surely be missed if you stopped!

Arfi Binsted said...

Thank you once more everyone. I do appreciate your kind words. I am doing my best here :)

Rob said...

The secret behind the truly successful blogs (including yours) is honesty. When I read a blog (and rate them) I base my decision on how much insight the blog offers into the life, loves and passions of the blogger. Which is why I don't follow 'celebrity' bloggers - why, most have sold their souls to their audience. Rather stay small and honest than sell out for fame. You are doing well, your blog is lovely and interesting, and I am certain you have a wider circle of fans than you think. Less than 10% of readers ever leave a comment, less than 10% of that 10% comment regularly.

You have a great blog, you are an interesting multi-faceted person, and that comes through quite clearly in your blog. Keep it up, we would be much poorer without you.

Nigel said...

Arfi girl! Long time no see! You have nothing to worry about - your blog is a gem; a simple reflection of you and all that is good about you. Keep doing what you do.

Big Boys Oven said...

Arfi, it was so well spoken, I just love the frankness in that one paragraph! thanks!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I so appreciate your honesty, Arfi. If you write from a place of passion and honesty, then how can you go wrong? You have such a beautiful blog. So I'm really happy you'll still be here.

Soma said...

Arfi, I might not leave a comment at your blog all the time (well most) but I read all of them ever since I came to know you (the first time was the DMBLGIT i think. Your blog is beautiful, the recipes and photographs are true inspirations. I would think the whole essence of blogging would be gone if one is blogging to please the crowd, for there are too many to please. Just be yourself just as you are ;-)Hugs.. so glad you are not going away.

I do not get any time to socialize with bloggers outside my blog.. have no contribution to tweeting other than an account, but in the past year I have known so many people I would like to meet, they all feel like good friends and blogging itself is an outlet for me, i can write what i often times cannot speak to a lot.. like a manuscript of my life! I think one really needs to be just "me" to have a passionate wonderful blog like yours.

Aparna said...

When I first saw you say, "I give up", I thought "Oh no, I hope she's not going to stop blogging!"

Arfi, one can always only be oneself. Sure it is encouraging to see comments when one blogs, but ultimtely if you're not blogging as yourself and for yourself, then where's the fun? And if there is no enjoyment in what you do, it becomes a painful chore!!

Blog at your own pace and about what you love.
I personally love the way you write and your beautiful pictures. :)
So please don't give up. :D