January 03, 2010

DMBLGIT December 2009 Winners

Happy New Year 2010! I hope you had had a great Christmas and New Year celebrations 2009, and are ready to jump in 2010 with lots of positive energy. Keep smiling and be happy!

To start the good news early this year, we have some great quality of photos received on DMBLGIT December 2009 edition. Superb lighting, lovely composition, and heaps of potentially 'licking-the-screen' effects. You are able to view the gallery here.

I thank you the judges for your time and thank you to all of the participants whom had sent out your beautiful photos to make this event run. Thank you, Andrew for the opportunity to be a host again.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

Overall Winners
These overall winning photos achieved the highest scores from all three categories (edibility, originality, and aesthetics)

1st Place:
Scarlet Poached Pears by Liz of Zested, taken with Canon 5D Mark II.

(great high key lighting; lovely tone; looks sinful with the sauce spilling over the edge)

2nd Place:
  Pomegranate Molasses by Kevin of Closet Cooking, taken with Canon 7D.

(great lighting, the folds forming at the bottom of the glass, the jewel-like colour is alluring, stunning)

3rd Place:
  Pot Pies in Red Pots by Sala Kannan of Veggie Belly, taken with Canon Rebel XTi  .

(great composition, lighting is superb, great tone of green, red, and yellow)

Edibility, Originality, and Aesthetics Category

These are the winning photos from each category: 
edibility, originality, and aesthetics.

Edibility Winner

We have a tie!
Fruit and Nut Cake by Sunita of Sunita's World, taken with Nikon D40.

(feels like want to snatch it from the screen, appealing colour of red cherries, 
a reason to lick the screen)

Tiramisu Cheesecake by Jasenka of Sweet Corner, taken with Canon EOS D450.

(love the dusty plate and a simplicity of the dessert, just cream and chocolate, the fork is adding a note of aesthetics of presentation)

Originality Winner

Rose Apples by Kris of Bake in Paris, taken with Canon EOS 1000D.

(nice compositionred colour of the rose apples are appealing,
 the water gives effect of freshness, nice addition tone of green)

Aesthetics Winner

We have a tie!

Tekwan by Vania of Our Family Favourite Recipes, Taken with Canon 50D.

(soft tone, lovely presentation)

Vanilla Milk Pannacotta, Rosehip Tea, Peach and Pistachio by Cathy of aficionado, taken with Canon 450D, 50mm 1.2 lens

(we love the simplicity of the setting, 
makes me want to drag the chair, sit down and dig in)

Host's Award
I also have a privilege to choose a photo that deserves the mention.

Prawns Carpaccio with Wild Salmon Roe by Nuria of Spanish Recipes, taken with Nikon D40.

I love the lights bouncing on the roe, the clearness shape of roe makes it appealing to gobble down right now with a good drink.

Congratulations to all the winners. Please proudly wear your badges on your blog. Next event will be hosted by David Barzelay of Eatfoo.

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zested said...

Thanks for hosting, and happy new year!

Alessandra said...

Happy New Year Arfi! I was just thinking of you, since I haven't seen new post for a while, and wondering if you are well!. Are you having a good Xmas/New Year break?

These photos are beautiful, it must have been hard to choose the winners!!!


soma said...

Congrats to the winners! this time all of my favorite photographs are here :-D

Happy New Year to you and Family Arfi. & Thanks for hosting.


Peter G said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Happy New Year Arfi!

Cathy x. said...

i've never felt so happy in my whole life! *sobsobsob* i'd like to thank my friends and family for their unwavering support and encouragement for getting me where i am today.. :P

Sweet Corner said...

I`m so honored!! Thank you for hosting, and I wish you all the best! And big thanks to judges:)Photos are amazing, congrats to all the winners!

Vania said...
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Vania said...

Thank you for hosting and 'Happy New Year', mbak Arfi.
Thank you to judges and congratulations to all the winners!

Y said...

Congrats to all the winners! And thank you Arfi, for inviting me to help judge this event :)

Alessandra said...

I am so glad that you are well Arfi. It seem that you had a few busy and creative weeks, you are unstoppable! My compliments! And your children look lovely. The train is fantastic, the birthday cake even more so, the Xmas spread magnificent...I hope you will put your feet up a little and enjoy the rest of the summer!!!

Millions of XX

Andrew said...

Another excellent job of hosting and what a masterful, mouthwatering pic of the best you and the judges selected.

NĂºria said...

Happy New Year!!!!! Ive been so many days disconnected... sorry.

Ooooohhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh Thanks for the Hosts award! Congratulations to the winners :D

Ill be back to real blogging next week. Thanks again Arfi♥

sunita said...

Yaay! What a way to come back to blogging again! We had moved house and there has been no internet connection till now.I will proudly display the badge on my blog :-)

Thanks for hosting, dear Arfi, hope you and your family had a great start to the new year .

WizzyTheStick said...

All these pictures are winners in my book. I should only be so talented. Congratulations