May 30, 2010

Mince Lattice Mini Pies

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"One of the most common mistakes in making puff pastry is to try and rush the process. Good results are achieved only with patience. Allow a day for the process so that the pastry can be prepared with care and kept well chilled. Keep all ingredients and equipment (including your hands) cool as you work." [Le Cordon Bleu: Dessert Techniques.]

With the weather we're having now, I am enjoying making puff pastry from scratch. I just love to enjoy the rewards. I love to see layers the pastry is made. I love the fresh buttery flavour a store-bought one cannot give. 

I am using the classic puff pastry recipe that KBB uses last year when we all try our best hands on making Danish Pastry. Only this time, we are making savoury lattice pies, and I chose to bake them in a Texas muffins tins.

The process of making puff pastry is just the same as last year's one. Now, I can see a lot of progress of the layers I supposed to make. I am much more patience!

kbb#17 (2)

kbb#17-pie lattice

The thing is making lattice on mini pies using puff pastry, I cannot work the strings quite close, otherwise, the filling will be invisible. But the good thing is, with only making 6 not-so-one-bite size, I still can use leftover pastry to make sweet ones. Isn't it great!

mince lattice pie-ab2010

I filled my pies with beef mince, one of our home-killed animals's. Do you know that Kiwis love pies? I was mad about pies when I first came here and I wasn't into baking yet, 8 years ago. We bought store-bought pies to stock in the freezer when I was due to deliver my son. Now, we do not need to do that anymore because I can make them fresh!

Beef Mince Filling
by Arfi Binsted

500g beef mince
1 onion, finely chopped
4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 sprig thyme, chopped (use young stalks)
1 sprig sage leaves, chopped
homemade beef stock (I made it from beef shin bones, large onion, a head of garlic, bay leaves, whole black peppercorns, and water)
a little spoon of cornflour, to thicken
salt, sugar, freshly cracked black peppercorns
a little oil to fry

Heat the saucepan. Add oil. Cook the chopped onion until soft, add chopped garlic. Cook until fragrant, and brown beef mince in. Flavour with thyme and sage. Pour in the stock, cook until bubbly. Cover and simmer until beef cooked and tender. Season. Mix cornflour with a little water, pour in. Stir until thickens. Set aside to cool. Use it for pies filling.

mince lattice pie-kbb#17

We enjoy these pies with my good old homemade plum sauce I made in February. I used our homegrown Damson plums and it tastes so good with mince.


Pies pake puff pastry bikinan sendiri emang ga ada duanya! Lipatannya berlapis2 ringan dan cantik. Latticenya ga begitu kentara untuk individual pies, emang lebih cocok diterapkan untuk pies lebar. Meskipun begitu, rasanya enak!

danish pastry-apricot jam-ab2010

Masih banyak sisa puff pastry aku jadiin camilan manis, diisi selai apricot, juga cream cheese butter. Enak deh! Meskipun aku ga bisa makannya, nowel dikit enduang juga!


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Rachmah Setyawati said...
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Rachmah Setyawati said...

huehehehe...yang plum justru amat sangat menggodaku itu....huhuhuuuu mau lagi dong..hihii

Alessandra said...

So cute!

Monica Adriana said...

filling-nya pasti tasty bgt tuh mbak.. nyamm! beautiful as usual deh. :)

Barbara said...

Beautiful looking pies arfi.

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

A million times better than a frozen pie, especially with homemade plum sauce!

Widyasc said...

baru kepikiran buat topping gak perlu giles terlalu tipis ya Mba Arfi. Nice fotos..always

paprilia on the blog said...

ah ya..nice idea to make it small size, cocok kyanya klo ada yg bertamu dirumah..
salam kenal mba Arfi

Aytoro's said...

salam kenal.. your pictures are always nice and inspiring... jadi terpacu belajar food photography even more..

Holly said...

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