July 28, 2010

Rocky Road

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I had promised my children to make rocky road to celebrate the birth of their baby sister that we will enjoy on the day she was born. And it was only two days before the labour that I made this rocky road, and I took the photo a day before the actual active labour started.


15 July 2010 is a meaningful day. They came back from their grandmother's house as soon as we called them that their baby sister had arrived. Mum said it was such a chaos that they just grabbed their things and wanted to go home straight away! They seemed so happy to see the baby and wanted to stroke and hold her right at that moment, but of course, our midwives needed to weigh her and did an initial exam to see everything is alright with her first thing. And they were just so glad to be able to hold her eventually. They've been so good up till now, enjoying their roles of being big brother and big sister. I think I've been blessed.

So blessed that I allowed them to enjoy big slice of rocky road that day, which put big, big smiles on their little faces. How bright the smiles like sunshines. Truly saying, chocolate makes them happy :) To them, life is no rocky road.

Rocky Road

Rocky Road
by Arfi Binsted

400g 72% dark chocolate, chopped
250g milk chocolate, chopped
45-50g unsalted butter
1 cup large marshmallows, halved
1 cup roasted and husked peanuts
1/2 cup raisins
1 tsp vanilla essence

Melt the chocolates with butter on top of a double boiler. Stir and removed from the stove. Let cool for 3 minutes and drop in vanilla essence. Stir. Add in the rest of ingredients, mix well. Pour into a baking paper lined tin. Let cold, and sliced. Makes 8 large slices (10 if you can slice it thinly).


RV said...

Congratulations!! Your kids are adorable. Did you say you did this just a day before labor. I am awed.

Xiaolu said...

Aw congrats, Arfi! Your kids are darling and they sound like they deserved this great treat.

Alessandra said...

Ciao Arfi, how are you? Your baby looks beautiful!!!!


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Rocky Road is a lovely treat, and a perfect celebration for the children. I like the idea of adding raisins too.

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul said...

Love the picture of the kids holding the baby. They look so happy. I've always thought rocky road to be a complicated recipe. I love how easy it looks. Time to put a smile on my face.

Debbie Pearson said...

I am a blog stalker of yours. Why do I tell you today? Because I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and mostly seeing your beautiful photos and food compositions. They always look yummy and I wish I could reach through my computer screen and grab a bite!! Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us, even those who only watch from afar. Have a great week!!!