September 30, 2010

Going Three

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In September, 3 years ago, I decided to build a baking club (Klub Berani Baking, shortened with KBB) where Indonesian ladies can 'meet' and do baking 'together', to share common interests, to learn techniques and methods in baking, or just to know each other more than just typed words.

Some of us have met, many of us are friends in the real world. When I went to visit Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, in 2009, there I met some members of KBB, to be interviewed in a female radio station. First time ever to meet them and it was just wonderful. It felt like I've known them for years!



And while we were there, we also experienced Sundanese traditional cuisine, that I've longed for. I lived in Bandung for 8 years in total, on and off, so I knew the city quite well. I thought I knew, but it was totally changed when I visited there again, all those new development that wasn't quite like the old days I loved. It was very crowded and oh-darn-the traffics! Anyway, we enjoyed our companies and luncheon date that day.


IMG_3135 IMG_3136

IMG_3138 Ulukutek Leunca

Bakmi & Grilled Chicken Satay Lunch

Do I make you hungry? Well, I even make myself want to go there again, enjoy the atmosphere I am familiar with and the food that my palate is madly in love. The good thing about Bandung is that my family loves it. Even my Kiwi hubby who loves tranquility, does not mind it and thought that Bandung reminds him of a town in Penang, Malaysia. A good sign ;)

Now that KBB is three years old, we are holding a celebration for it. The challenge this time is to look back and bake your favourite. Well, choosing is quite a pain, because all the recipes I chose is different. However, with the time is so little, I chose to re-visit Paris-Brest, as it was our first challenge back in 2007.


It is easy and my hubby loves it.


Milih Paris-Brest karena gampang dan kangmas suka banget sama choux pastry, bikinnya pun gampang dan cepat!


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Meeting up with people you know well from writing is always so exciting. I wish it was possible more often! Nice to look back on memories for the KBB anniversary!

Ardna said...

happy birthday, KBB! :)

crustabakes said...

i really love your blog, pictures and bakings!

Xiaolu said...

What a great sounding group. Glad you guys got to have a great time together. Your paris brest also looks mouthwatering. Especially the glaze.

Claudia said...

Lovely shots, as usual. And, the tart looks delicious. Best wishes!