September 23, 2010

Over the Moon

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"Oh, Moon cake, Moon cake. How beautiful you are, yet hard to be found in the Land of Long White Clouds." (AB)

This cake brought me back to one special moment a year ago. Mbak Etty, one of my friends in Indonesia visited Auckland during her 10 days touring New Zealand and brought me this lovely mooncake she bought in Malaysia on her way out.

Auckland was so lovely to visit that day. Mild sun and was just right time to drive, before everybody got out for lunch.

auckland-mbak etty 087-1 auckland-mbak etty 083

And I just love this corner! The building is just something of a character, I reckon.

auckland-mbak etty 085

This is Wah Lee, the only place where I could find Javanese palm sugar which are in appearance much darker from its cousins made from Thailand or Vietnam. Here I also bought bamboo steamers and other Asian must-have utilities. However, so much so, it is such an effort to drive to Auckland only to purchase one or two items. I am longing to find such shop in Pukekohe.

auckland-mbak etty 089

I can't recall if mooncakes are hard to find in Indonesia, especially in the town where I grew up. However, I don't remember to eat this on a special occasion such as Mid-Autumn Festival. Perhaps, is it because Indonesia only has two seasons?


But I do remember that there were smaller versions of mooncakes which were filled with mung bean paste, rather than lotus paste. 

Moon Cake by Arfi Binsted 2009

This moon cake that I ate was filled with mung bean paste and taro paste in the middle.

Moon Cake 2 by Arfi Binsted 2009

The cake was so sweet, I only take a little at a time. Of course, it is traditionally eaten in a little slice and passed around, isn't it? 

Anyway, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you! In this south hemisphere, Happy Spring New Zealand!


Barbara said...

How lovely to see the photos of Auckland. I loved going to Wah lees.

The mooncake is beautiful. I have never eaten one but will look out for them here.

We are going to Jan's for coffee tomorrow afternoon.

Arfi Binsted said...

Good to hear, Barb! Have a great coffee time with Jan :))


Xiaolu said...

Mmm looks delicious!

Alessandra said...

I really like moon cakes, sometimes I ate a lot of these in Asia because they were a quick way to get 'almost a meal' (you are right, they are rich) for a vegetarian :-)

my darling lemon thyme said...

Hi there, Barbara recommended I check out your blog...So glad I did. This is amazing Arfi!! Nice to connect with fellow NZ foodie bloggers :-)

Ardna said...

wow love ur mooncake pictures!