October 27, 2010

Ginger It!

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Yeah. Since ginger is part medicinal herbs and part traditional flavour to be used in Indonesian cooking or baking, I am keen on searching the balance flavour of it in tapioca biscuits. Call it Bangket [bang ket] and it is what it is. Meaning? Not sure, but for culinary purpose, it is the biscuit that carries the melt-in-the-mouth sensation.


Made traditionally from tapioca flour, these little darlings are now in the limelight. People in the NCC group and soon in my baking club are madly baking them to serve it right. Many flavours are offered and some alterations, adjustments you call it, are boldly re-written, but I just fall in love with three flavour: milk, peanuts, and ginger.

Presenting the zingy thing from its extract, ginger plays a big role in traditional biscuit. And I love it. Here, in this recipe, I add fresh spices to the original recipe. It is just so... traditional.


Kue Jahe Manis
posted by Puspita Widowati, extracted from Majalah Sedap

I call it Biskuit Rempah (Spice Biscuits). In this recipe, I tweaked a bit. I used 150g dark palm sugar and 50g icing sugar, add 1 cinnamon quill, 3 whole cloves, a squashed cardamom, half bruised nutmeg, and 1 bruised lemon grass). My method of cooking the coconut milk is to boil everything in, simmer, and let cool, with the spices in the saucepan, then sieved. To simmer the spices will give a chance for the spices to release their oil in a very low heat. 

175 ml santan (coconut milk)
100 gr gula merah (dark palm sugar)
50 gr jahe, diparut (ginger, grated)
100 gr margarine
100 gr gula halus (icing/confectionery sugar)
1 kuning telur (egg yolk)
500 gr kanji, sangrai 15 menit diatas api kecil (tapioca flour, toasted)

Cara membuat:

1.       Rebus gula merah, jahe dan santan lalu saring. Dinginkan. (Cook coconut milk with dark palm sugar, ginger (and spices) to boil. Sieved.)
2.       Kocok margarine, gula halus dan kuning telur hingga lembut (Beat margarine, icing sugar and egg yolk until fluffy.)
3.       Masukkan kanji, aduk rata. Tambahkan rebusan gula. Aduk rata. (Fold in the flour, mix well. Add in the cooled palm sugar mixture. Mix well.)
4.       Tipiskan adonan lalu cetak. Oven sampai matang. Oven selama 20 menit. (Roll out thinly and cut with biscuit cutters. Bake until cook for 20 minutes).


Alessandra said...

Very interesting recipe, I like the idea of boiling the coconut milk first with palm sugar and ginger. It must smell great!

Happy Cook said...

Wowo it is a totally new method for me. Looks so cute.

crustabakes said...

oincidentally, i just made bangket cookies and shaped them as gingermen.

i bet this cookies are packed with so much wonderful flavour from all the spices!

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Your crinkly lambs are gorgeous. I like the sound of the spicy coconut milk flavour.

Xiaolu said...

Such lovely clarity in your photos. Looks delicious!

Rosmalia said...

Ya ampunnn...bagusss banget fotonya...saya suka banget sama blognya mbak...
Salam Kenal ya...

peasepudding said...

They sound great and I love the idea of the ginger and coconut milk.

Torviewtoronto said...

delicious cookies

Claudia said...

This sounds like just the thing to use that tapioca flour I got. They sound quite good.