October 02, 2010

Yellow of Love

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My Little Spring Butterfly

Magnolia Tree

"Yellow of Love, I call it. It's like the Spring corner in my garden where yellow daffodils and jonquils are emerging from the earth, welcoming the season of flowers and blooms, delivering mild scent to bees and other insects, seducing them to their sweetness. 

And my Little Spring Butterfly is fluttering her invisible wings around. Softly, picking each yellow of love in the garden and brought them close to her heart.

The series of Heart, it is the theme that Barbara of Winos and Foodies, inviting us to join her in LiveStrong with A Taste of Yellow. Here, we're sending you the yellow heart, to give you strength in whatever condition you are, to let you know you are not alone, to give you supports that we are here for you.

Lemon Curd Cheesecake Tartlet

Stay Strong!


BabyBeluga said...

Oh how we love that yellow flower. After a long Winter, cold temp, bare trees and yellow grass, it's so nice to see Daffodils coming out. For me, that means Spring is coming....

Chris said...

I never tire of your stunning photography. Lovely tribute to Taste of Yellow, dear Arfi!

Barbara said...

What a lovely spot in your garden Arfi....and such a lovely tart.

Thank you for giving me your heart.

Alessandra said...

Lovely post Arfi, really feel like spring. :-)

Aparna said...

Great tribute and delicious looking tarts, Arfi.
I so wanted to send Barbara something this year, but couldn't. :(

Sally - My Custard Pie said...

A beautiful looking heart for such a great cause. I love the lemons in the tea too.

peasepudding said...

your son is doing a great job of photographing he will be in demand soon! He does have a great teacher though