December 20, 2010

Homemade Ferrero Rocher and Rum Balls

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enjoying sweets2

It is the luscious-looking Ferrero Rocher that gets me an idea what to make for a treat. I remember eat it once. Yes, only once. And it was a long time ago, but I still remember how sweet it was.

By judging on its appearance on the company website and by vaguely remembering its taste, I come to a decision that I must make the homemade version. My idea is to enclose roast hazelnuts in a 72% dark chocolate truffle, dip it in 50% chocolate, roll it on crumbed ricies, dip it again in 50% chocolate, roll it on finely chopped roast hazelnuts, and dip it again in 50% chocolate. 

homemade ferrero rocher

But, you know things are happening rather differently. This is the stage I rolled the chocolate-ricies balls on to finely chopped hazelnuts. When I dip into the chocolate, the nuts started to fall into the mixture. 

homemade ferrero rocher3

Feeling all but despair, I mixed the chopped hazelnuts with the melted chocolate, and rolled the chocolate-ricies wrapped truffles into it. Then, the appearance started to come out closer from the original version. Although they do not come up as nicely round as they should be, the hazelnut-chocolate cover is definitely working!

So, yes. Here is the result:

homemade ferrero rocher4

There's roasted hazelnut, enclosed by chocolate truffle, chocolate-ricies, and then chocolate-nut cover. Not so perfecto, but it is close, I dare say to compare with its anatomy image (see here).

festive sweets
enjoying sweets

I love them, truly. I think they are just wonderful made fresh from scratch. I can taste nut, dark chocolate truffle, and milk chocolate in one bite. I should make more of those chocolate ricies, though, make it thicker. I think I'll do it next time.

While I am fiddling around with chocolate, I play more to make rum balls. Using 72% Whittaker's Dark Ghana, what could I do? They are just lovely. 

rum balls

Have them with coffee? Wonderful all the same.

Rum Balls2

Or mingling them with red, juicy, sweet, and fresh homegrown strawberries? Hmmm...

strawberries and rum balls
homegrown strawberries

Whatever you do, there's nothing less extraordinary. As chocolate always does make us extraordinary!

Enjoy your time!

P.S.: Dita and Pepy made these too!


BabyBeluga said...

I love Ferrero (that's why I also love Nutella).

Alessandra said...

Super fantastic!!!

I got some gluten free treats too, if you are interested:
Marzipand and Calissons :-)

Pavithra said...

Omg thats wonderful treat.. cannot say which picture is best .. gorgeous clicks.

Xiaolu said...

Ferrero Rocher is one of my favorite candies, love that you guys made it at home. Happy holidays!

crustabakes said...

These look so wonderful, and the pictures are so pretty!

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Those sound like the layers are worth the effort of putting them together. I'm very jealous of your fresh red berries! All the best for Christmas and the New Year for you and your family.

atika said...

i love seeing your blog, aku izin link ya mbak. thank you so much:)