December 12, 2010

Oishii Mochi

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DIY-fabric roses2

DIY-fabric roses

I just finished a DIY project. I made folded fabric roses to fill in the vase that my husband hand-made years ago. They are pretty easy to make and they turn really pretty to be used with your scraps. Of course, I am just a beginner, there are imperfect shapes, still I am pretty thrilled with the results. And I hope dear Santa will hear my whispered wish that I want a sewing machine (please) this year (and a box of Schoc chocolate for a bonus of me being a good person).

With Summer is getting rather hot, I am slightly behind blogging. I find it hard to sit and write when the garden is in need of attention. The ground is so dry and we have to pump the water for it from the creek. Lucky enough, we have nature water supply, that we do not need to buy water to water the garden. That'll be painful, money-wise. 

Thankfully, we had rain last night. It was just enough to wet the dusty ground. Save some time to water the garden for a few days, if we're lucky.

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream4

I made green tea ice cream, for my children start screaming for ice cream these days. Especially, it is water sports days. 

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream3

It is a very simple ice cream. I haven't got an ice cream machine, so I do the freezer method. I chilled a can of evaporated milk, a pot of heavy cream, and half can of condensed milk. Whisk the chilled evaporated milk until frothy and thick. Whisk 3 tsp matcha green tea powder with heavy cream after it is dissolved in a little warm water, beat until thick. Then whisk in the condensed milk. Fold in the whisked evaporated milk into the green tea cream, gently. Freeze for an hour, take out, whisked, freeze for another hour. Take out of the freezer, whisk again, and then pour into a deep ice-cream container and freeze until ready to serve.

It probably a totally different thing, but it is coming from the same country. Mochi is delicious, I just found out.


It is like Indonesian kelepon, with a read bean paste filling. I made everything from scratch, so it quite is taking a little bit of my time. But, I enjoyed the result. Here is what I do:

Mochi with Red Bean Paste filling

I measure 1 1/4 cups hot water, 1/4 cup caster sugar and a pinch of salt into a bowl. Mix well. Then pour in 1 - 1 3/4 cups glutinous rice flour. Mix well. The batter should be runny and thick. I microwave this for a good 1 minute. The mixture will be very, very, very sticky. So, gather the batter and mix well with your spatula. Microwave again for 20-30 seconds. Let cool, so you can handle it. Before I make this, I have got the red bean paste filling ready and have been rolled into balls, around 9-10 balls. I made a bigger version of those delicate dainty Japanese mochi. I divide the dough into 9-10 portions. Take one portion, thin it with your hands, that you put your thumb and finger to flatten it a bit. Add in the filling, then gather the dough to meet the other end, so your dough will enclose the filling ball. While I am doing this, I put a steamer ready on the stove, with water to boil. Grease the steamer with a little oil. Put the rolled mochi on to the steamer, and steam for about 3 minutes, just to warm the balls and make the dough wet to be able to be rolled into a plate of coconut thread. Remove them from the steamer, while still sticky and hot, roll mochi on to the coconut thread until all coated. Serve immediately.


Alessandra said...

Honto ni oishii desu ne!

I love mochi, I made some a few weeks ago at a Japanese cooking class, we did it on the stove (not the microwave) It was hard work!!!

Well done Arfi :-)


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

It's crazy that it's been flooding in Australia while you're having a drought! I hope you get some rain for the garden soon. I'm very impressed that you made all the mochi components by hand. Your roses are lovely.

Xiaolu said...

Those fabric flowers are pretty and modern, too. I also love mochi but haven't had any recently. You are tempting me to go to the Asian store now!

Claudia said...

What beautiful fabric flowers, and awesome photos, as usual Arfi.

I've had that sweet rice flour for some time now. Hope it's still good, because I'm inspired finally to use it, making mochi. Probably with a different filling though, as we're not crazy about sweet beans.

rabbitfootstuck said...

u're so creative...

love to see your gallery^^