January 31, 2011

iPhoneography #8

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Blueberry Coconut Crumble

I was inspired by Donna Hay's Blueberry and Apple Crumble on her latest mag issue. I made the gluten-free version, using rice flour only and dairy-free spread. Very easy. I kind of throwing all the things in and don't actually measure. So, I got about 500g blueberries, throw them in the base of a pie dish. This pie dish is an old one, given away by mother-in-law. Aren't I lucky! Then, mix the blueberries with sugar and vanilla, split and scrapped. Reserve the pod for garnish. Then, make the crumble. Just rub the dairy-free spread with rice flour and a bit of caster sugar, coconut threads and rolled-oats. Sprinkle on top of the blueberry mixture, put the split vanilla pod on top. Then baked at the preheated oven until nicely brown. Done. We love it eaten warm in an unpleasant weather of New Zealand as is. 

January 30, 2011

The Naked Chef's Creme Brulee

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The latest assignment of KBB is creme brulee. We have Jamie Oliver's recipe to bake together. And yes, it is delicious!


Rhubarb is a good combination for this creamy dessert, for the custard alone is too sweet to my taste. There is a balance of sour, creamy, and sweet from this recipe. I just love it.


The process is simple, but the result is awesome. It's my typical desserts. 

I have explored green tea and avocado flavours as well. 

Matcha green tea is superb and lovely and earthy combined with the richness of cream. Without any addition of sour rhubarb or other fruits, I have to reduce the amount of sugar for custard. Otherwise, I will end up raking up energy too much for my consumption.

green tea creme brulee

Just add 2-3 Tbs the goodness of matcha powder in it, you won't go wrong. 


Till the last creaminess of custard. The last crunchiness of caramelized sugar.


Joy. Luscious.

Another adventure? Sure. Here is avocado creme brulee. Not my fave, but it is delicious all the same.

avocado creme brulee

But, just as you know, the exploration is endless!

Lovely creme de la creme! Rhubarb sangat asam, ketika ditimpa oleh custard yang creamy dan wangi, ditambah dengan lapisan gula karamel yang crunchy, this is superb!

iPhoneography #7

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rhubarb creme brulee

Rhubarb Creme Brulee. KBB #21 task. I love the flavour combination.

January 22, 2011

iPhoneography #6

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Usually, when photographing meals, I could not beat the time. I like serving dishes for my family while they are still hot, therefore, I often miss it. But with iPhone, now I can just snapshot what I've cooked and with very little post-processing on the phone, I save my time a lot more. a fellow NZ food blogger is applying iPhoneography on her blog, too. Have a look at Mairi's food photos on her blog, ToastNZ. We are just amazed how a little phone can do an amazing job! Come join us and explore what your phone can do! It is fun!

January 20, 2011

iPhoneography #5: Nutella Mochi

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nutella mochi
(This photo is taken with SLR)

I have been addicted to mochi these days. Not only they are easy to make, but also delicious! I made Nutella mochi the other day and to my surprise, they are really good! My kids love them, I love them, so they weren't last long. But I managed to sneak some for photography.

Nutella Mochi
(This is iPhoneography #5)

How do I make it? Well, very simple, although actually I don't really measure everything. The idea was running wild in my head and I was too distracted to scribble a note. So, here's a guide (this is a different way I made from my first mochi):

I put about a cup of warm water in a bowl, throw in sugar and a little salt. Stir well. Add about 1/2 cup cold water. Then, add in about 2 cups of glutinous rice flour, stir well. Your dough will be wet still. Add a tablespoon glutinous rice flour at a time while mixing with your hand, until you have a dough that comes off of the sides of bowl. This dough will be rolled into small balls. I like to make small balls for this Nutella filling, as when you pop them in your mouth, the filling won't escape from your mouth, because they will explode as soon as you tear the skin of with your teeth. Then, take one balls, flatten it a bit (don't forget to keep flour your hands with cornflour or potato starch), spoon the Nutella in the centre, and start enclosing it with your fingers. You need to do this gently. You can freeze Nutella for an easier work, I suppose, but I just spooned it right away out of the jar. So, while you are working on rolling the balls and put the filling it, have your steamer ready. Don't forget to oil it, so they mochi won't be stuck on it. Arrange mochi on the steamer, not too close, though. Otherwise they'll touch each other and stuck. When it happens, just drop a little hot water from the steamer on it and separate it. When they are still hot, roll them on a plate of cornflour to coat dry. Then, enjoy!

Now, with more ideas, I have been thinking to combine matcha green tea mochi with vanilla ice cream. How's that? Or perhaps, vanilla mochi with green tea and white chocolate ganache? Oh, it's an endless dream!

January 12, 2011

iPhoneography #4

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Gluten-free Plums and Almond Slice

Lovely eaten as is or with a little whipped cream, if you are able to eat dairy. But since it is dairy-free, I don't think I would add anything else but to dust it with my homemade vanilla icing sugar. Recipe can be found on Pease Pudding

January 09, 2011

iPhoneography #3

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Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce).

January 05, 2011

iPhoneography #2

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Strawberry Sherbet and Lime Meltaway

I made Strawberry Sherbet out of the strawberries from the garden. Yes, they are homegrown. Not as big as your supermarket ones, but they have the flavour and scent of strawberries, if you know what I mean. With this strawberry sherbet, I gave a dash of aged Modena balsamic vinegar. It marries well with strawberries. And it is so good eaten with lime meltaway, Kevin of Closet Cooking ever posted last time. I use gluten-free flour and the biscuits were rolled really thinly. Very good!

This photo was taken with iPhone, edited in Camera+ and Instagram, uploaded on Flickr. Come, join me!

January 04, 2011

iPhoneography #1

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Since Dita introduced me Camera+, Instagram, and ToonPaint applications for iPhone, I have become addicted. I can easily edit the photos I took instantly, which is quite handy. For I don't have to use expensive software to achieve the old look, for example. And I am quite keen on applying it on food photography.

I want to begin exploring this as a year project, unless my iPhone is broken, then it will be beyond my expectations.

So, I start with this photo.


Edited in Camera+ and Instagram. Are you interested in doing the same project? Join me, and let's share the works!