January 04, 2011

iPhoneography #1

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Since Dita introduced me Camera+, Instagram, and ToonPaint applications for iPhone, I have become addicted. I can easily edit the photos I took instantly, which is quite handy. For I don't have to use expensive software to achieve the old look, for example. And I am quite keen on applying it on food photography.

I want to begin exploring this as a year project, unless my iPhone is broken, then it will be beyond my expectations.

So, I start with this photo.


Edited in Camera+ and Instagram. Are you interested in doing the same project? Join me, and let's share the works!


Alessandra said...

Nice! I just got Viber on the iPhone... I am a slow learner, I shoul use the iPhone more :-)


Fieliana said...

I took a couple of pictures using iPhone too, but still have no chance to edit them.

I use Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone to edit the photos.

If you don't mind...I'll tag you once I'm done :)

Xiaolu said...

Sounds really fun! I'll probably never own an iPhone but I'll enjoy it through your photos 8).