January 20, 2011

iPhoneography #5: Nutella Mochi

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nutella mochi
(This photo is taken with SLR)

I have been addicted to mochi these days. Not only they are easy to make, but also delicious! I made Nutella mochi the other day and to my surprise, they are really good! My kids love them, I love them, so they weren't last long. But I managed to sneak some for photography.

Nutella Mochi
(This is iPhoneography #5)

How do I make it? Well, very simple, although actually I don't really measure everything. The idea was running wild in my head and I was too distracted to scribble a note. So, here's a guide (this is a different way I made from my first mochi):

I put about a cup of warm water in a bowl, throw in sugar and a little salt. Stir well. Add about 1/2 cup cold water. Then, add in about 2 cups of glutinous rice flour, stir well. Your dough will be wet still. Add a tablespoon glutinous rice flour at a time while mixing with your hand, until you have a dough that comes off of the sides of bowl. This dough will be rolled into small balls. I like to make small balls for this Nutella filling, as when you pop them in your mouth, the filling won't escape from your mouth, because they will explode as soon as you tear the skin of with your teeth. Then, take one balls, flatten it a bit (don't forget to keep flour your hands with cornflour or potato starch), spoon the Nutella in the centre, and start enclosing it with your fingers. You need to do this gently. You can freeze Nutella for an easier work, I suppose, but I just spooned it right away out of the jar. So, while you are working on rolling the balls and put the filling it, have your steamer ready. Don't forget to oil it, so they mochi won't be stuck on it. Arrange mochi on the steamer, not too close, though. Otherwise they'll touch each other and stuck. When it happens, just drop a little hot water from the steamer on it and separate it. When they are still hot, roll them on a plate of cornflour to coat dry. Then, enjoy!

Now, with more ideas, I have been thinking to combine matcha green tea mochi with vanilla ice cream. How's that? Or perhaps, vanilla mochi with green tea and white chocolate ganache? Oh, it's an endless dream!


Alessandra said...

Noooooo! this is tooooo gooood!!!!!

I'll to visit you one day ;-)



Arwen from Hoglet K said...

The explosion of nutella makes me think of pop-biscuits from the Magic Far Away Tree.

peasepudding said...

These look really good, I have never made anything like this so I really must give them ago.

Xiaolu said...

These look fab as I said before. Love ice cream mochi and matcha anything is just my style :).

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Arfi! Been a while...hope all is well with you :) These are gorgeous and I'm sure delicious as well...happy World Nutella Day :)