January 22, 2011

iPhoneography #6

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Usually, when photographing meals, I could not beat the time. I like serving dishes for my family while they are still hot, therefore, I often miss it. But with iPhone, now I can just snapshot what I've cooked and with very little post-processing on the phone, I save my time a lot more. a fellow NZ food blogger is applying iPhoneography on her blog, too. Have a look at Mairi's food photos on her blog, ToastNZ. We are just amazed how a little phone can do an amazing job! Come join us and explore what your phone can do! It is fun!

1 comment:

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

I love the match in colour between the chicken and the wood. You've spent the time to take a nice photo, but still been able to eat it hot.