January 30, 2011

The Naked Chef's Creme Brulee

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The latest assignment of KBB is creme brulee. We have Jamie Oliver's recipe to bake together. And yes, it is delicious!


Rhubarb is a good combination for this creamy dessert, for the custard alone is too sweet to my taste. There is a balance of sour, creamy, and sweet from this recipe. I just love it.


The process is simple, but the result is awesome. It's my typical desserts. 

I have explored green tea and avocado flavours as well. 

Matcha green tea is superb and lovely and earthy combined with the richness of cream. Without any addition of sour rhubarb or other fruits, I have to reduce the amount of sugar for custard. Otherwise, I will end up raking up energy too much for my consumption.

green tea creme brulee

Just add 2-3 Tbs the goodness of matcha powder in it, you won't go wrong. 


Till the last creaminess of custard. The last crunchiness of caramelized sugar.


Joy. Luscious.

Another adventure? Sure. Here is avocado creme brulee. Not my fave, but it is delicious all the same.

avocado creme brulee

But, just as you know, the exploration is endless!

Lovely creme de la creme! Rhubarb sangat asam, ketika ditimpa oleh custard yang creamy dan wangi, ditambah dengan lapisan gula karamel yang crunchy, this is superb!


Xiaolu said...

I really love the second to last photo, Arfi. That drip is tantalizing, I just wanna lick it right up ;). Never heard of rhubarb in creme brulee; what a fantastic idea!

Sherry Andriani said...

Wiiwww....Penasaran sama yg rhubarb jadinya Mbak Arfi....kata Mbak Em di cisarua ada yg jual....hehehe..nanti dikejar ahh rhubarbnya...

Widya said...

setuju mba Arfi, rhubarb creme brulee rasanya superb..

gluten-free-foodie.net said...

this is so creative and sounds so delicious. and your photography is stunning!

peasepudding said...

It looks delicious, I also made a green tea pudding with rhubarb and like the two flavours together.