February 24, 2011

17 & Baking's Basil Ice Cream

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She is 17, and she's baking! You should visit her blog here. And I have tried her Favourite Basil Ice Cream.

basil ice cream2

I thought, hell basil in ice cream. My mind hasn't quite linked the flavour of herbs in sweet desserts. So, curiosity takes the toll. And there I was, whipping up basil ice cream. Once milk is infused, I quite like it. There is refreshing tone in it. Okay. Freeze it.

basil ice cream

And I like it even more. Love it! Next summer, I'm going to make this with strawberry compote. Right now, it is impossible to get fresh strawberries. Way pass the season. Thank you, Elissa. You are superb!


Alessandra said...

I like it too, in Italy basil and lemon ice cream was very popular a few years ago, alongside with pineapple and mint.

Thank you for sharing the link, I'll check her blog now.


Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul said...

Oh Arfi...this sounds amazing. And I bet it was refreshing too! Hope you're well

Paula said...

wow, basil ice cream? that sounds uncanny and delicious! your blog is full of inspirations!

Arfi Binsted said...

@Alessandra: I love lemon ice cream, love any citrus ice cream/sorbetto. Basil ice cream is new to me.

@Peter G: hi P. it does taste beautiful!

@Paula: thank you :)

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Any original ice-cream wins the vote in my opinion. I just made a parsnip one!

boros1124 said...

I have a very good book. The title: "Ice cream desserts. " There are many recipes in it. I've tried a lot.

Lely said...

Is it really basil? Kemangi? really, i can't imagine. is it good?

Alexis Preatori said...

Summer time has ended and the winter season is approaching. There's no better way to relax than to eat a delicious dessert like this ice cream.

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Thomas Strome said...

It isn't my favorite flavor among all ice cream but it's worth a try! Country clubs on long island have a way to include these desserts for special orders and events.