March 06, 2011

iPhoneography #13

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Another still life on homegrown fruits. The wooden background is real, not a make-up from post-processing. I thought it would go well with the colourful fruits in the wooden bowl. I still use iPhone and Camera+. It is tap, tap, tap! Easy peasy. Come join me. Use the most of your iPhone, whatever generation it is. It is easy, fun and creative!


Alessandra said...

Ok, I am going to give it a try :-)

tap tap you say?

Still, I need to find a good background!

Mairi said...

This one looks like a painting too. Such gorgeous looking fruit!

La Gaia Celiaca said...

alessandra zecchini told me you were looking some GF mix to do fresh pasta.
Here you have the very best italian expert in GF-pasta and bread:
they suggest to use this mix:
250 g potato starch
250 g corn starch
100 g rice flour
10 g xanthan gum

Bye, gaia
P.S. I love so much your blog, the pictures are wonderful and also the recipes!

Alessandra said...

CIao Arfi I asked an Italian blogger friend (La Gaia Celiaca, she also reads your blog and loves it) about making gluten free pasta.

She told me that you an use a blend of

* 100gr maize flour
* 250gr corn starch
* 250gr potato flour
* 10gr xanthan gum
* salt to taste

It is difficult to find the xanthan gum though. In Italy they sell lots of gluten free pasta, I guess most people buy already made...

Can you eat buckwheat? You could always make soba...


Arfi Binsted said...

Ladies, thanks so much for leaving a track :))

Alessandra and La Gaica, thanks for the recipes. And I've looked around for Xantham Gum but I cannot find it. Anyway, will keep looking! Thanks!

La Gaia Celiaca said...

I have problem in finding xantham gum, I saw it on, but I didn't dare yet to order it.

let me know

p.s. wonderful picture! mairi is right, it seems a painting, like vermeer for example.

Xiaolu said...

Beautiful, Arfi! I love the wonderful colors :).