March 20, 2011

iPhoneography #14: Autumn Mood

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pears, goblet, and white grapes

Creating Autumn mood with goblet, pears, and grapes. More iPhoneography for autumn fruits later on. Come join me making the most of your iPhone with iPhone and Camera+. I am also experimenting on iPhone and Hipstamatic as well. It's fun!


Alessandra said...

So beautiful!

Come and have a look at my dinner table with curry... just a normal mid-week family dinner, but with the camera+ it looks so much more 'exotic' and trendy :-).

(I stood on my chair to take the photo!).


peasepudding said...

Looks beautiful, I don't know how you ladies manage to get such good photos with your phones. I might have to try next week while I'm in Raro

Arfi Binsted said...

Alessandra, Mairi and I have been having fun with our phones hehehe... Good luck with yours, Alli. Shouldn't we meet up again and this time we explore Camera+ and Hipstamatic together?