March 14, 2011

New Zealand Taste Farmers Market Awards 2011

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smoked kahawai and Rewena bread

I am just going to share some photos I took during our trip to Pokeno Farmers Market, which is only about 30 minutes driving from our place. I am told that the farmers market in Pukekohe has moved to Pokeno, but I saw less food produce offered there. The lady who sold fresh macadamia nuts wasn't there, my favourite food stall I've ever been--I enjoyed the chocolate covered macadamia nuts and that clever little gadget she introduced to crack the mac shell open with a snap. Gorgeous!

I always enjoy the trip to this traditional market although we don't usually buy a lot of things from it. We grow our own fruits and vegetables, I do my own baking and preserves (such as Damson plum cheese), we don't drink wine or alcohol, and don't eat cheese in daily basis, so there are not many reasons to go to the Farmers Market, to be honest. 

smoked garlic and herbs salt

But when I am going to look for smoked salmon, kahawai, or smoked garlic and herbs, there will I head to.

pokeno farmers market

pokeno farmers market2

enjoying ice cream

It's true that Farmers Market not only offer fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers or food products, but also some merchandise. Last time I visited Pokeno Farmers Market, I got a set of English tea cups and a huge bag of wool which then I used to knit a shawl for my mother. 

There are Farmers Markets around New Zealand (See the list here). Sadly to say, Pokeno's is not on the list. I haven't been to other farmers market just yet. But if you have, there is an opportunity for you to vote for your favourite one. There is a voting form that you can fill in, and you can be in a draw to win a trip to Singapore! How cool is that!

lovely tune in the market

And, some music while you cast your vote, everyone? Yeah!


Alessandra said...

I also got that smoked salt and garlic! Actually, I have used some for one of the soup I posted yesterday (and also mentioned you since I tried out the Camera+ application.

Nice voting for Farmers Market, but since I have only been to a few I don't feel that I could. Or the point: people will vote for their local one even if they have just been to that one.

Arfi Binsted said...

I am not voting, Alessandra for I haven't been to the farmers market listed there. Pokeno or Pukekohe's farmers market are not on the list, so I am just helping to spread the words here :)

peasepudding said...

another good reason to go to farmers markets is you get lots of food to try out ;o)