April 12, 2011

iPhonegraphy #21: Sop Kaki Sapi

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Sop Kaki Sapi

Indonesia enjoys soup not only in the rainy season, but also in dry season. It is a menu you can find in almost any food stalls, cafes or restaurants. Sop Kaki Sapi is made from cows shank or shin bones, mixed with vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots. The addition of fresh spice, like a cinnamon quill and nutmeg, is giving this soup a kind of soothing and comfy dish. With our home-kill cows, so fresh and so much flavour comes within, I don't think I would want anything else at the moment. It is hearty by itself.

Sop Kaki Sapi-2

1 comment:

Mairi said...

YUM! That looks like a big bowl of soul food! Gorgeous pic too!