May 09, 2011

About Brownies

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I kind of baking whatever is easy to bake these days. Provided so little time to be spent in between hobbies, chores, kitchen, and homeschooling, I keep praising brownies for its less time-consuming method. The impact is not as little as the time spent, on the contrary, it is huge! It is always a winner to my kids, especially after sports day.

Brownie is a slice of heaven. What can you say? Everything with chocolate seems leading us to a pleasant state. Perhaps cupids love chocolate too.

yummy pieace

It can be deliciously gluten-free, too!

yummy piece2

Pennylane Brownies is quite a legend, like Riana herself. It is quite a guilt-free type of brownie, as it features cocoa and requires no butter. Although you can add chocolate chips or nuts to whatever amount you desire, I suppose it is just a personal option that will interfere with the final taste. If you want, you can add chopped 80% dark chocolate like I usually do, then that you will transform these humble brownies to be heavenly rich, sticky with melted chocolate that plastered your lips and smeared your tongue, darkly, in every single bite.

The power of chocolate can make every brownie you make taste differently. I personally do not like compound melt chocolate in any forms. I don't like its taste, for it often does not taste chocolaty, but rather more sugary. Chocolate has to taste chocolate, that is the definite rule. 

Therefore, I always use 80% dark chocolate, or at least 60%, to ensure good taste and darkness. Sometimes, I use Dutch-processed cocoa or use it half-half with other cocoa powder. There is a mixture of flavour, but it still can be quite sinful in the end.

Liyah's Fudge Brownies
taken with iPhone and Camera+ 

Fudge brownie, like Lia creates, is my second option when I am seriously and immensely craving for chocolate. It can satisfy me in every single palate bud with its darkness, texture,  sweetness, and stickiness. Just delicious!

My favourite chocolate brownie recipe until now, is still Nigel Slater's 24 carat chocolate brownies. It tastes intensely dark chocolate. And it is 24 carat!

Brownie with raspberries is another favourite, like Soul Food's version. Can you ever resist the temptation? I can't.

However, gluten-free brownies I have made using above recipes can result differently. They tend to be loosen in construction which handles much softer and more melt-in-the-mouth texture. 

gluten-free dark chocolate brownies-pnslm2-1

This gluten-free dark brownies is flourless. I use hazelnut meal with a hint of caramel essence for additional flavour. It is slightly undercooked with its gooey centre, a superb companion for an espresso.

gluten-free dark chocolate brownies-pnslmx-2

The additional dark chocolate chips and sauce give an extra delicacy and decadent touch. Very special to my taste. I just love it!

Yesterday, I baked another batch of brownies. I thought this will keep well in the tin for this week's sweets, as we're going to be busy with kitchen renovation again (after being held up for a week or so). I hope the installment will go on smoothly, fingers crossed.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

So, yes. I have this idea to put topping on the brownies, not only chocolates, but also nuts and coconut thread. Unfortunately, the topping was a bit too heavy for the brownies, so it did not go really well. The taste is much better than its shape, though. I need either lessen the topping or strengthen the brownie base. Another lesson to learn.

In the meantime, Happy Mother's Day!


Alessandra said...

Golly, I wouldn't know which one is my favourite brownie, but I am quite keen on the ones that have a little coffee in them, if I can I always add a tsp of Italian ground coffee, it makes the chocolate taste even better :-).

Mairi said...

These look delicious, positively oozing chocolate! I have just been making brownies too, but I think I like yours better!! Hope you had a lovely Mothers' Day! Mx

Happy Cook / Finla said...

My daughter will love this looks so so delicious. My sis in US also dis Homeschooling for hr kids.

peasepudding said...

I like the idea of coconut powder, I really don't make gluten free unless it's ground almonds so I will have a look for the coconut powder and try that

sasasunakku said...

I'm definitely a cheesecake brownie kind of girl - I love the sourness of the cream cheese that cuts the richness of the chocolate but I never turn down anything sweet... These look so gooey and amazing.

Xiaolu said...

Wow you are such a tease putting all these mouth-watering brownies in front of us when we can't even taste even a small bite ;p. Seriously these ooey gooey dark and fudgy brownies look amazing.