May 28, 2011

Al Brown's Creamy Polenta Soup

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Al Brown's Creamy Polenta Soup

Just saw Chef Al Brown's tweet the other day about this creamy soup. It took my attention as it is not my usual soup. I was curious how it tastes. So, I went to the kitchen to find out.

Al Brown's Creamy Polenta Soup-2

It is just delicious! There is a perfect combination of creamy milk and mascarpone, the crunchy fresh walnuts I just cracked before serving, the saltiness and that divine flavour of blue cheese, and my homemade one-year-old tamarillo chutney (Al uses tomato relish). This soup is so filling, I don't feel hungry until afternoon tea time (which means, no snack in between! Good, isn't it?).

Anybody wants to try out, head on to his website!


Alessandra said...

The idea of a polenta soup is totally strange to me... could it be just soft polenta? I'll have a look later.

peasepudding said...

Interesting, I have never seen Polenta soup before. I love your photo and those gorgeous bowls.

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Ooo, I haven't had polenta like that before. All the strong flavours like blue cheese and chutney would go really well with the bland polenta. said...

I never thought of polenta in soup. Sounds almost like a porridge. But the flavors you added sound divine! Great photography!