October 13, 2011

Donna Hay's Classic Brownies

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Just a short note. I made this Classic Brownies from Donna Hay's latest 10th Birthday Magazine. I got the mag online on iPad. Have you heard? Yes, Donna Hay has got an app. Check your iTunes store, and you won't go wrong! I love, love, love Donna Hay!

Have a great (early) weekend!


peasepudding said...

I keep meaning to take a look at the Donna Hay App, will have a look today, thanks

Barbara said...

I downloaded the app too arfi. The cookies appealed to me too. Love the photo.

Alessandra said...

The brownies look great, good photo!! Didn't know about the application but I don't think that I could add that too to the amount of stuff going on at the moment. I'll see if Arantxa wants it, can you get it on a iPod as well as a iPhone?


Dominique said...

I love Donna Hay Magazine too, but impossible to find it here! I'll check the app on my iphone, thanks for the tip!

Arfi Binsted said...

@Alli: good on you!
@Barbara: yes, the brownies set is so tempting!
@Alessandra: not sure about iPod n iPhone, but perhaps you can try.
@Dominique: if you have n iPad, you can download the app. I'm sure the team will expand the app for iPhone/iPod for sure :)

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Xiaolu said...

Mmm this looks great and one can never have too many good brownie recipes!

raquel@erecipe said...

hi arfi, just scrolling on your post and what i wanna try is this classic brownies, is there any special ingredient you used? I am looking for the recipe it seems you did not post it.

Arfi Binsted said...

Hi Raquel,
the recipe of this classic brownies can be found on Donna Hay magazine on iPad. Perhaps, you can go to her website www.donnahay.com.au
Shall I send you the recipe, please write to me at arfi.binstedATgmailDOTcom if you'd like. Cheers!