November 16, 2011

I'm a Food Blogger!

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I still remember the expression of my optometrist when he asked what I do, that I casually answered 'I'm a food blogger'. He said never heard of that occupation before and never thought it ever exists. I had no intention to argue whatsoever, for I, myself, don't think that food blogging is an occupation. I simply supplied an answer for him to fill in the form for me. In the end, he asked my blog link and for a little while taking his time browsing through, while I was by his side, sitting on the chair staring at the letters beyond the wall. Then he murmured 'Oh, you're a food writer.' I was almost knocked out of the chair.

Should a food blogger be an occupation? Is there?

I don't even know if someone ever food blogging for money, however, I have acknowledged some food bloggers receive fund for ads on their blogs. But still, you don't earn a living by food blogging, do you? 

I have been food blogging for 6 years now. I forget when I actually started, because I didn't use blogger dot com as my hosting right back in 2005 and don't keep the archives. I even forget the password to log in although I can just simply retrieve it by clicking 'forgot your password' button. I only don't think it's quite necessary by now.

Anyway, food blogger does exist!

And New Zealand Food Blogger Conference had just held its first gathering, initiated and organized by Allison of Peasepudding. I have read so many stories from so many local food bloggers. And many more food bloggers yet to be discovered. I am sure.

I did not come to the conference, no matter how much I wanted to. I promise though, that I will go to the next one. I believe that my baby will be old enough to realize that her mother deserves to get a life... well, (a little) time for herself.

A lovely meet-up with @bronmarshall @gourmetgennet and Jaco Swart.
Cheers! #aotearoa #newzealand #auckland #foodblogger @bronmarshall @gourmetgennet

Alone but not lonely... #ipad2 #iphoneography #ipadnesia #auckland #newzealand #garden #instagood #photooftheday #pixlromatic

But I managed to meet up with Bron of Bron Marshall and Jaco Swart of Rainbow Cooking, accompanied by Allison on their way back to Christchurch. It was a lovely short catch-up as Bron and Jaco needed to catch their flight.

I have been lacking of interest in blogging these past months and have been thinking to 'resign'. The main reason is that I just haven't got much time to write. My spare time has been filled with gardening, pulling out those darn weeds, making vegetable beds available for planting, and what's not. Sitting down and writing like this one I managed to squeeze in is a luxury. Luxury, indeed. 

Well, I am not sure if this post is a sign that I'm coming back for more posts, but let's hope the time is on my side and my mojo kicks back in and then I still can say to my optometrist that I'm a Food Blogger!

Have a wonderful blogging out there!


Alessandra said...

Ciao Arfi,

I am so happy that you meet some bloggers on Sunday, and sorry I couldn't come. So you are a food blogger eh? Of course!

It may not be an 'occupation' as such, but it is a reality! And now that we are 'officially' a group we are a reality to be accounted for :-).

It may be scary really, in places like the US and Italy people who take out their cameras in restaurants are often looked upon with suspicion by worried owners

"you are not a food blogger, right???"

but mostly we offer exposure and free publicity to so many people and companies that everyone is thankful for it.

I felt a bit 'guilty' going out all day on Saturday, we had lots of work on and my husband saw my "hobby" as to be a bit too much (of a waste of time). Then he took the boy to sailing and met up with other dads who asked him where I was. When he told them they were all

"Wow, a food blogger conference, that's great, I always read her blog, my friends read it too!"

I think that he came home in a state of shock. When I got home he had done the proofreading that I was going to finish, and the morning after he left me blog without the usual "what are you working on?" sentence, which usually means "are you working or blogging?"

In the afternoon we took the kids to snowplanet and I didn't need to sky, I could play with my iPhone (sorting pics) and in the evening we went to a dinner party, and when I was taking photos of the food he was telling everyone that I was a food blogger.

The conference has certainly made him take my 'hobby' more seriously, and certainly the fact the he found out that so many friends read my blog (although they don't leave messages!!!) and complimented it to him :-).

Ops, look what a long reply! Sorry :-)!!! Told you my life story here!

Ciao and a XXX to the kids

Happy Cook / Finla said...

I think it is always so much fun to meet up with food bloggers as we have the same passion and we will be tlaking continuosly aobut food and blogs :-)
Hi hi if we earned so much money by blogging we would indeed be rice, i guess for us it is not a occupation it is a real passion :-)
Looks like youhad a lot of fun meeting these bloggers.

Barbara said...

It's a shame you weren't able to attend the conference arfi. I think it would have been good for the new bloggers to meet both you and Bron and know the history of food blogging NZ. I understand how difficult it is to fit blogging into the busy schedule of a young home schooling Mum. But if it is what makes you happy you will find a way. Even if you just post your gorgeous photos with a few words it will keep you connected and only take a few minutes each day. Then on those days when you have time to cook, write and post you will. Whatever you decide we'll all be here for you.

Mairi said...

Hi Arfi....wish you could have been there on the weekend :) We'll make up for it this weekend over tea:)

angsarap said...

Like you I wanted to go to the New Zealand Food Blogger Conference but did not have the time, I hope I can make it to the next event to meet other NZ Bloggers. Anyways about the food blogging as the profession, I know some who does it for a living not in NZ but in the Philippines, I remember before that blog earns at least $400 a week, I hope I can make something like that :)