November 20, 2011

Sweet NZ: Donna Hay's Brownie Cookies

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Ever since I saw the recipe on Donna Hay's iPad app, I suddenly felt a crave for chocolate and peanut butter. You can view her recipe on her website, here's the link for brownie cookies.

IMG_2270-Donna Hay's Brownie Cookies

Served it for morning tea with Mairi on the weekend. My entry for Sweet NZ #4, initiated by Alessandra and this month is hosted by Mairi of ToastNZ.

Have a great Sunday!


Alessandra said...

Uhuhu, yummy entry, I could have these with my coffee for breakfast!


Barbara said...

I am planning on trying the ones on the iPad app. Lovely photo arfi.

Arfi Binsted said...

Alessandra: nooooooo! :))
Barbara: they're divine, Barb!

peasepudding said...

I have had my eye on these too after downloading the app, they do look scrummy.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

I've been eyeing up this recipe in the Donna Hay magazine. They look divine. I'm just worried that if I made them I would eat the whole lot, and then I wouldn't fit into my yoga pants!!
Sue xo