January 31, 2012

Raspberry Swirl Marshmallow: Sweet NZ Round-Up

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To start the first month of the year, Sweet NZ has kicked off with sweet entries. Here are the entries, rounded up randomly. The sweets are ranged from Malaysian's to Italian's, classic Kiwi's and of course, they are all homemades!

Thank you for your submissions! The next Sweet NZ will be hosted by our lovely Shirleen of Sugar and Spice.

My first entry was Plum Ice Cream. Celebrate Summer feast from the orchard.

IMG_3658-Plum Ice Cream-homegrown Dans Early

Alessandra of Alessandra Zecchini blog whipped up Castagnaccio and it is gluten-free! How lucky I am!

Castagnaccio by Alessandra Zecchini

Barbara of Winos and Foodies, sent me Sago and Gula Melaka from Brisbane, Australia.

Sago with Gula Melaka by Barbara

Frances of I Love Bake Club whipped up One-Pot Chocolate Deadline Cupcakes. I am thinking of drizzling them with dark chocolate ganache and sprinkled with crumbs of Ferrero Rocher, eaten with beaming ruby red raspberry sauce! What a deadline!

One-Pot Chocolate Deadline Cupcakes by Frances

And who are not tempted to dip her fingers on that lovely lemon curd! Carmella Lee of Easy Food Hacks goes fruity here with her Sable Bretton Galette with Summer Berries.

Sable Bretton Galette with Summer Berries by Carmella

Susan of Couscous & Consciousness brought the best out of plums in Rosy Plum Crumbles which she made also for her Cookbook Sunday projects. I think this will go well with my Plum Ice cream. Now I'm drooling!

Rosy Plum Crumble by Susan

Emma of My Darling Lemon Thyme whipped up dairy-free coconut ice cream and made this dairy-free chocolate sauce to go with it. How good it is! In fact, I am making myself coconut palm sugar flavoured with pandan leaves and vanilla this afternoon (it is Monday the 30th when I am writing this) and will serve it with Emma's dairy-free chocolate sauce. I can believe the taste will be superb!

Dairy-Free Chocolate Sauce by Emma

These classic Kiwi sweets are always a winner on every occasion and are always great wrapped as presents. Bridget of After Taste made Russian Fudge for our sweet treat this month. And who can resist!

Russian Fudge by Bridget

Mel of The Tree House Kitchen brought us a dish of Prune and Apricot Clafoutis together with a plate of 70 Percent Chocolate and Ginger Cookies. Oh double yum!!

Prune and Apricot Clafoutis by Mel

70% Chocolate and Ginger Cookies by Mel

My second submission for the event is Raspberry Swirl Marshmallow. Ever since I saw it on Donna Hay's Magazine, I had wanted to make it. I need a good reason to do it, though, because my children are not familiar with candies which is based on sugar cooking. The early years of training, I suppose, since I had never introduced them with lollies or sugary candies. So, when I made them, they just pinch a bit and that's it. None of them likes it as much as they like my homemade Ferrero Rocher, Indonesian sweets from my childhood KleponRosewater Cheesecake, and the ultimate Almond Dark Chocolate Cookies that always successfully make their eyes sparkling. 

However, I managed to wrap the marshmallow and presented them to our good friends, who happened to visit us that day, and bring them home with them. So, nothing is wasted. 

Raspberry Swirl Marshmallows-2

Raspberry Swirl Marshmallow
by Donna Hay Magazine, Issue 54, 2011

250g raspberries
80g icing sugar
11/2 Tbs gelatine powder
125ml water
385g caster sugar
160ml light corn syrup
60ml water, extra

Cook the raspberries by putting them in a saucepan with icing sugar over medium heat, crushing them while stirring, to boil for 10-15 minutes until thicken and produce that lovely red syrup. Using fresh raspberries will give you extra scent and that lovely fresh flavour I find. Remove and press through sieve. Seeds discarded. Set aside.

Make the marshmallow. Put the gelatine and water in a mixer bowl, stir well. Leave it to swell for 5 minutes.

Combine sugar, corn syrup and extra water in a saucepan, cook on high heat, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Bring to boil and use your candy thermometer to measure the heat to 120C. Since I haven't got a thermometer, I just use an old school way. To drop the sugar mixture in a cup of cold water and test if it is at soft ball stage, then it is done

Having this sugar syrup ready, turn the mixer on low speed and drizzle the mixture into the gelatine mixture until it is all in. Increase the speed and keep whipping up for 4-6 minutes until the marshmallow is formed, that when the mixture is fluffy, white and light. When it begins to cool down while whipping, turn the mixer off and pour or spoon the marshmallow into a prepared tin which is greased and lined with baking paper, measured 20cm x 30cm. On top of the mixture, spread or drizzle the raspberry mixture and make a swirl by using a skewer.

Cover with plastic wrap and leave it in room temperature, for 4 hours or until set. Remove from the tin and cut into square, rectangles, triangles, whatever you like really. Never put them in the fridge though.

Makes 25.


Barbara said...

Lovely round up Arfi. Some tasty morsels to try.

Barbara said...
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my darling lemon thyme said...

Great round up Arfi, thanks for hosting xx

Sandhya Hariharan said...

A lovely round up Arfi... I m here from your food photography post in YUMMY Food. A lovely write up.
I was just wondering , if you could share the picture details along with the light positions and support, it will definitely help a lot of people , including me....

Thank you once again. I blog at Sandhya's Kitchen ( http://www.sandhyas-kitchen.blogspot.com) .Do sneak a peek when time permits..


Alessandra said...

Super Yum!!! Thank you for hosting Arfi, great recap and presentation :-).


Couscous & Consciousness said...

You did a lovely job of the round-up, Arfi. Love your raspberry swirl marshmallow too - I've never tried making marshmallow, but you've inspired me to give it a go.

Mairi said...

Great round up Arfi...Januaray so got away on me....must work on my entry for Feb!