January 01, 2012

Sweet New Zealand January 2012

Happy New Sweet Year!

January is going to be sweet, indeed. I'm taking the baton from Bron to host Sweet New Zealand, originally created by our very own author and creative blogger, Alessandra Zecchini. Have a look at December's sweet round-up Bron had collected last year.

full on wasted

  1. This event is open to all Kiwi food bloggers living in New Zealand or overseas. It is also open for expats living in New Zealand.
  2. Send me anything sweet, as many submissions as you like.
  3. Your entry must mention "Sweet New Zealand" and linked to the original page Alessandra Zecchini had initiated. You may attach the badge with the size to your liking on your post.
  4. Submit your entry/ies to arfi.binsted@gmailDOTcom, with your Name, Blog Name and Link, your Post Link, and a 500pxls resized photo, please. I will still receive the latest submission until on the 30th January 2012, then I'll publish the round-up hopefully on the 1st of February 2012.
  5. Hoping to see many great Summery entries!!

IMG_3682-Plum SorbetIMG_3683-Plum Sorbet

Although our weather hasn't given much an improvement for summertime, we can't wait to scream for ice cream. Since plums are abundant in our orchard, wasted by birds and rain, we picked them the other day just enough to make ice cream and sorbet. At least, some are not going to be wasted.

dans early plums

Before Christmas time, my beloved bought me an ice cream maker. A small one. I haven't used any ice cream maker before, so this is my first try out. 

IMG_3658-Plum Ice Cream-homegrown Dans Early

It went okay, though some features mentioned on the manufacturers manual instructions don't actually work. The ice cream did not freeze in 20 minutes, for instance, but it has to be frozen  overnight after being churned. 

IMG_3661-Plum Ice Cream

Here is my entry for Sweet New Zealand.

Plum Ice Cream

500g blood plums
1/4 cup caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
a little water

Cook plums with sugar and a little water until blistered and tender. Remove from the heat. Add in vanilla extract. Strained through sieve and discard the stones. Set aside.

4 egg yolks
1/2 cup vanilla caster sugar (I always have it handy, homemade and store in a separate jar)

Whisk the egg yolks and sugar. Put on top of a saucepan of simmering water. Keep whisking until double in volume and thicker, and the egg mixture is warmed through. Remove from the heat. Set aside to cool and then keep in the fridge.

300ml fresh cream

Whisk until fluffy and smooth. Whisk in the cooled egg mixture, and then plum, mix until well-combined. Pour into the ice cream bowl and churn.

You need to consult your ice cream maker manual on how long you should churn. I still have to put mine in the freezer overnight after being churned.

Have a blast January!


Anh said...

so beautiful. I love plums and they have gradually appeared here, too.

Bron said...

Oooh plum ice cream is one I haven't tried before!
I don't know why, I just seem to always bake with them or eat as is.
Lovely Arfi, good luck with SweetNZ too!

Mairi said...

You are going to love the ice cream maker!

Alessandra said...

Happy New Year Arfi, and thank you for hosting the first Sweet NZ event of the year!!! I hope that you will enjoy it!
And i love the plum ice cream, I make it too, more of a sorbet really (recipe in the Sweet As book) without vanilla though, mmmh, maybe I should try :-).


Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I don't know about joining in - something in the region of X thousand miles in the way - but that plum ice-cream looks delicious!

treehousekitchen.net said...

Have never considered the possibility of plum ice cream! Like the colour very much :)

Wishing you a wonderful January!

Couscous & Consciousness said...

I love using my ice cream maker. I always keep the bowl of my ice cream maker permanently in the freezer, and then I always chill my custard overnight before churning. But I still have to put my churned ice cream into the freezer for a few hours to firm up. The sugar content of your ice cream will also affect how firm it becomes.

Love the idea of plum ice cream - must try it.

Sue xo

Vanessa and Ingrid Opera said...

Love homemade ice cream, dont have a maker but its on the cards. I have very fond memories of a "honey icecream" creamy and really delicious. Actually the other day stumbled across honey and almond - really good!!!
PS Foodopera will be making an appearance on Sweet NZ in the future...