April 03, 2012

Cezanne's Secret Admire Here IV

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A recap of my 366 project on moody light food photography and still life, using iPad2 camera and various applications available on the iTunes.

365 project. Booking flights ever is so time-consuming with paying attention on every details, extra costs and so on  365 project. This is going to be my last bottling peaches. 365 project: breakfast while listening to ABBA on gramophone. iPad2. Arem2 isi ikan pedas.
Lunch: Telur Orak-Arik Crunchy with rice and extra crunchy of homemade salted peanuts and cashew nuts, and hot sambal Jawa. I feel like home, eating my mother's cooking. 365 project. 365 project. Cooking arancini for tonight's dinner. My vegetarian dinner: potato rosti, basil pesto sautéed beetroot leaves, sautéed vegetables (zucchini, mushrooms and baby carrots) in herbs and celery leaves, hard-boiled eggs and freshly picked homegrown cherry tomatoes. 365 project.
365 project. My free-cooking day this evening, so I'm enjoying myself with a cup of tea, freshly picked strawberries, freshly picked Pompellier grapes, crackers, Brie, and my homemade Damson cheese, freshly cracked walnuts and a Braeburn apple. My very ow Lontong Sayur. iPad2. 365 project. 365 project in a hurry. I've got children to attend swimming school soon!

Having a cup of coffee in a depressive situation. 365 project.

365 project. iPad2. Pumpkin from our garden. First harvest. Thought I'm going to be a copycat again @bronmarshall  365 project. Homemade Chocolate Truffles. 365 project: East meets West plate: sushi, Nigel Slater's zucchini dill n feta fritters, pieces of smoked salmon and seaweed salad.
365 project. 365 project. I can't concentrate on what I'm doing. Just baked whatever I can think of just to survive another week. Our lives are between home and hospital at the moment, physically and mentally. 365 project. Lovely morning. Just picked Pompellier (the purple ones) and Urbana (the red ones). Sweet and juicy and firm. Some will be packed for our Friday madness day, as we have swimming school to attend today, groceries to purchase, and a grandmother
Gehu (Tofu Fritters--stuffed with raw/sautéed mung bean sprouts), a Sundanese (West Java tribe) delicacy. 365 project. 365 project. 365 project. A new invention.
Something roasted? Frankly, I don't know yet. 365 project. Enjoying rain with a cup of frosted cocoa drink and chocolate dipped marshmallows. 365 project. Ragu balls/bitterballen whatever the name is. 365 project. They were gone in a sec!
365 project. What children came up with for dinner: Roast chicken, Nasi goreng sprinkled with chopped capsicum and freshly cut potato chips. Ginger beer is my choice hehehe 365 project. Kalitsounia with kale, dill and fennel filling. My kind of lunch. Live the freshness of veggies in it. I have another version baked in the oven, treated like torta pasqualina with addition of an egg in the middle of the parcel. Thank you @mrs Vanilla gems with Nutella butter filling. Your kind of breakfast? 365 project.
Autumn Fruits. @365 project. Here is for you, Emily @twintasticplus2  The product of learning. Being self-taught has given me a lot of opportunities to develop skills that I don't even know I have. 365 project. Japanese Matcha Green Tea Cake. Matcha Latte. A plate of homegrown Autumn fruits. Good morning, New Zealand! Seems sun is friendly today
365 project. A cup of camomile tea, a box of dark chocolate, and an old book I haven't finished yet. 

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