June 27, 2012

The Caker Takes The Cakes

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Jordan Rondel is the popular Caker. She bakes beautiful-looking cakes in Auckland, and am sure they taste wonderful too. I haven't been yet to Auckland to taste her cakes, but I have been able to try out her Chocolate Chip Cookies. It is so simple to make and is kids-friendly.

The Caker's Chocolate Chip Cookies

My children love baking them as well as enjoying them warm when the chocolate chunks are still soft and melting in their mouth. Wait until you see the chocolate smear all over their faces and fingers with eyes that twinkle! If chocolate makes your children happy, why shouldn't you treat them with these lovely gems!

The Caker's Chocolate Chip Cookie and a bottle of milk

a little bit closer

I use gluten-free flour and almond meal to substitute the plain flour. I also use our local Whittaker's 72% Dark Ghana chocolate to substitute 70% dark chocolate button. 

Bottles of Milk

end of story

And of course, milk is the best company for chocolate chip cookies, my children say. I like enjoying these cookies with a cup of black coffee as they complement each other well.


Alessandra said...

I feel like eating a chocolate cookie now, and i don't have any in the cookie jar!

Nutella jar, here I come!!! :-)


Happy Cook / Finla said...

How are you Arfi, I hard the news of Barbara and my first thought was about you as I knew you and barbara are good friends.
Hope you are doing ok after the sad news. Hugs to you.