June 15, 2012

Sweet NZ: Valrhona Hot Chocolate

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It's so cold today, so I thought I'm just going to send out my hot chocolate drink to fellow Kiwi bloggers nationwide this winter as an entry for Sweet New Zealand, hosted by Shirleen of Sugar and Spice this month.

I love Valrhona Manjari from Sabato, and I often use it for hot chocolate drink. I love its flavour and its intense dark chocolate of 64% cocoa solids. So delicious to get rid of winter blues.

Hot Chocolate-2

Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soy Drink
by Arfi Binsted

50g Valrhona Manjari Feves
2 glasses soy milk
2 Tbs Valrhona Cocoa powder
honey or sugar to sweeten (optional)
1 cinnamon quill

Put chocolate feves, soy milk, cocoa and cinnamon quill in a pot over a low heat until hot and chocolate melt, simmer for 3 minutes. Remove cinnamon quill. Sweetened if you like, but I just like it sweetened by melted marshmallows. Enjoy.


Happy Cook / Finla said...

It is no cold here but it is a rainy day andi wish i had this delicious looking chocolate drink.
How are you and how are the kids and the garden and all.

Alessandra said...

I think that I need to go and make myself one now!!!

Ciao and keep warm