January 29, 2013

January Sweetness of New Zealand Round-Up

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There are sweet reasons of Summer in New Zealand. One of them is that we get to eat as so much delicious as many different flavour of ice cream available everywhere in every corner of this Kiwi land. The option is enormous. It's just like pointing your finger at one kind of ingredients, and voila! the next thing you know there it is churning in your ice cream machine, ready to end your Summer meal.

That is proven by some fellow Kiwi bloggers who had sent me entries of ice cream as to beat Summer heat for Sweet New Zealand. Mairi has her Cardamom Ice Cream, then Sue with her Roasted Apricot Gelato, Lesley with her Creamy Orange Ice Blocks, and I am here with my Black Dorris Plum Ice Cream that I make every year using our homegrown plums and my recipe here. Last but not least, to tell the truth how hot New Zealand is at the moment, there is Pineapple, Coconut and Mint Ice Pops from Alli to quench the thirst of beach babes. Yay!

Black Dorris Plum Ice Cream

Some cool and delicious fruity desserts are marching sweetly for Summer feast below! Some lovely cookies and fruity cakes are on the menu as well. And that delicious Lemon and Mascarpone Meringue Roll that Monique baked to name a few is really something I'd die for. I just love that combination of meringue and lemon curd. There are also beautiful biscuits and cake slices to accompany coffee or tea as you may will see on an array of goodies below, so take your pick.

There is always a way to celebrate this fruity season and everyone has got her best entries served. I am just so happy to receive and enjoy every one of them. Thank you to all my fellow Kiwi bloggers for your lovely goodies. Enjoy your Summer.


Strawberry Mini Loaves
by Arfi of HomeMades by Arfi

Indonesian Caramel Honeycomb Cake
by Arfi of HomeMadeS by Arfi

Rhubarb, Lemon and Cream Cheese Cake
by Monica of Delissimon

Gluten-Free Bake Apricot Madeira Cake
by Nicola of Homegrown Kitchen
Roasted Apricot Gelato
by Sue of Couscous and Consciousness

Ricotta with Blueberries and Honey
by Alessandra of Alessandra Zecchini

Creamy Orange Ice Blocks
by Lesley of Eat, etc.

Carrot Cake
by Genie of Bunny.Eat.Design.

Pecan and Almond Biscotti
by Julie of Domestic Executive
Cardamom Ice Cream
by Mairi of Toast NZ


Alessandra said...

So many entries, and new bloggers too! Thank you for hosting Arfi, wonderful recap!!!


Peasepudding.wordpress.com said...

Fabulous round up Arfi and thanks again for hosting! Hope to see you soon. Alli

Lesley said...

Some lovely blog posts to catch up on here, plus I meant to make your plum ice cream last year (I have plums on the tree here) but didn't so I will really have to give it a go. Thanks for hosting.

Jeane M. said...
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Domestic Executive said...

Great round up Arfi, thanks for hosting. Look forward to being a little more summery in my selection this month :o)