January 18, 2013

Sweet NZ: Caramel Honeycomb Cake

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Bolu Sarang Semut. That's we, Indonesians, call it. It is indeed simply a sweet caramel cake that has a unique texture resembling honeycomb or a slice of termite mound--well; the latest perhaps a bit exaggerating. But perhaps, that's where the name is coming from.

Gluten-Free Indonesian Caramel Cake3

I made this once I saw Anh showed us her breakfast on instagram that appeared on my Facebook news feed. It was a cake made by her husband (how lucky she was!), and it looked alike this caramel cake we used to eat when we were kids. Anh apparently has hit the homesickness in me which has been lingering for such a long time.

Gluten-Free Indonesian Caramel Cake2

One positive thing about it is that my children get to taste what my childhood was like. While enjoying this cake, I take them back to my old times. So they know.

My second entry for Sweet New Zealand.

Gluten-Free Indonesian Caramel Cake

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Peasepudding.wordpress.com said...

It looks beautiful Arfi, it reminds me of an English ginger cake in texture, yum