July 28, 2013

A Guest Post: Gluten-Free Coffee Chiffon Cake

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Back in June 15th, I received an email from Lubna that she'd like me to write a blog post for Ramadan issue on her blog. I have had written about Indonesian traditional food and those comfort food I love since I was a child a lot in this blog, so I thought I could do something hot happening at that current time.

Since I was craving for coffee, therefore, my entry for her Joy from Fasting to Feasting VI was Coffee Chiffon Cake.

Chiffon cake may be told to be a rather tricky one to make. Not many food bloggers in the world ever made chiffon cake, but it seems quite a popular cake in the Asian world.

I once ate chiffon cake which was made of white glutinous rice flour in Ubud, Bali when one of our staff members held a Hindu ceremony for her newly-built temple. The chiffon cake was made for the offering. Nevertheless, she served some slices for us, as to respect our presence during the ceremony. It tasted rather surprisingly good. It was light. Although a bit dry to my taste, it was just as delicate.

When Klub Berani Baking challenged us to bake our own chiffon cake back at the 16th task, I dared myself to experience more of it. I made Chocolate Chiffon Cake, Rainbow Chiffon Cake, Pandan Chiffon Cake, to name a few. And there are loads more if you surf Google, from the most favourite one to the most unique.

The flour used for chiffon can be anything. Take a look at Widya's Banana Chiffon Cake which made of black glutinous rice flour, for an option. 

The flavour is your preference, and perhaps with a little adventurous mind, you can make chiffon cake ubiquitous. There is Jasmine Tea Chiffon Cake, made by Mira; Cheese Chiffon Cake, made by Sofie, Carrot Chiffon Cake made by Syanti, or the particular combination of this Red Guava Chiffon Cake made by Lukie.

To combine fruits in chiffon cake is a common practice. There's Blueberry Chiffon Cake by Kitchen Corner, Durian Cheese Chiffon Cake by Sajian Sedap, and how about this Strawberry Chiffon Cake by Betty Crocker? Like I said, chiffon cake is ubiquitous.

Well? Are you interested in trying to make it now? Don't think of its tricky part, but think how much fun you're going to put into it. Once you get hold of correct whisked egg whites consistency, you might as well get yourself experience more flavour. The thing that I actually will do myself.

Have fun!

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Alessandra said...

I should try sometimes, looks challenging!