July 31, 2013

Gluten-Free Chocolate Whoopie Pies and Earl Grey Teas

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Whoopie Pies

Winter comes in with its southerlies bone-chilling blow that makes a tropical gal like me have to seek a refuge to find the warmth spot possibly found around the house (or from someone I know and love so much). Sitting close to the fireplace is quite comfy, especially when it's enjoyed with good companies, hot drinks and a plate of sweets.

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is the ultimate drink in wintertime no doubt, however, coffee or tea can be rather a common deal as well. 

hot tea

I love my Earl Grey teas. It may come from any brand, whether it's packed by let's say Twinings, T2, Coffee and Tea Lovers, or Dilmah to name a few, I can just expand my options. 
Anzac bikkies, a cup of Twining's Earl Grey tea, and a good book about Thinking, Fast and Slow written by Daniel Kahneman--not a fiction I'm sorry. 365 project.I got a nice surprise in the mailbox this morning. Since I am a loyal customer of a props store, they sent me a box of Monk Pear tea, which is a mixture of black tea, jasmine petals and flavour (bergamot and sweet pear). I'm loving it! #PicFrame#Chinese #Buns filled with aduki beans paste that I made last night. #tea #food #cooking #iphoneasia #iphonesia #homemade #foodporn #foodphotography #iphoneography365 project. iPad2. Gluten-free Chocolate Chiffon cake. Roast peaches. A cup of tea.

Nonetheless, loose teas Monk Pear from T2, and Superior from Coffee and Tea Lovers are my two top favourite of Earl Grey teas so far. They have unique flavors, packed with the essential Earl Grey iconic citrus scent Bergamot, with additional goodness of herbs, dried fruits or dried fragrant flowers, which will be bursting in each sip and gently tickled my senses. 


Loose teas have fresher taste than those are dusted in bags, my opinion. However, they often are available only at specialty shops like T2 or Coffee Tea Lovers, which is rather costly. Perhaps, you may think I'm quite consumptive, but then I don't buy Gucci bags, own expensive cameras with expensive super lenses, wear Jimmy Choo shoes, buy world-brand cosmetics, have a walk-in wardrobe crammed with designer clothes, go partying at luxurious villas and drink posh wine or champagne, spend time holidaying every month--if not year at the grandest hotels while traveling around the world, or dining at the finest Michelin-star restaurants. I don't live in a glitter world, but I just like my cup of tea with qualities. Simple as that.

Nope, I don't feel guilty by simply enjoying my cuppa. After all, it makes me happy.

As happy as my children when I made these little whoopie pies. There's something about these hucklebucks that attracts so much attention of young ones. Perhaps, it's its soft texture, or the filling sandwiched in between. Or perhaps both.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Whoopie Pies2

Or how Donna Hay's serves whoopie pies can be seen as a clever preference from my young ones' view.

I substitute the flour with gluten-free and add a little almond meal in the mixture. I thought the filling will be too sweet for my children, so I just make a simple chocolate buttercream and roll the sides of the whoopie pies with chocolate hails, specially ordered right from Indonesia.