August 01, 2013

Pavlova and Meringue Roulade

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Meringue Pavlova Roulade. That's one thing I have never done before. Looking at it, it seems just that kind of ordinary Swiss Roll, but hell, it's trickier than it looks. I am making this as an entry for KBB's 35th task: Basic White.

I think I have got no trouble at whisking egg whites but I might have done it better. 

Since I was whisking it manually, I worked reasonably hard by making it as fluffy as it's supposed to be.

When the meringue was in the oven and baked, I saw a disaster coming through. The surface of the meringue goes hiking up the hill which I thought it was rather weird. Does it need to stay flat, you think? I don't know. I never make meringue pavlova before, so this is my first.

While Pavlova can be my beloved's favourite sweets that I often bake when there are egg whites leftover from some other baking, it can easily be done straight. You do not need to roll it. Given it eaten as is or lavish it with whipped cream and berries, he would just take it either or. 

With Meringue Roulade, it's more challenging. The compulsory of rolling it like your common Swiss roll is definitely a complete test, whether you roll it good, or you roll it dreadful. Mine is the latest, to be honest.

I don't mean to be hard on myself, but being perfectionist is not that bad for some reason. When it is coming with baking, that is. Although other times, I just can't be bothered. 

Anyway, when I take the baked meringue out and carefully put it on generously sprinkled (actually, not sprinkled, but spooned) caster sugar on a sheet of baking paper, the meringue decided to clinging on the baking paper.

Damn, I thought. My meringue has crippled edges, torn and hopeless. My mind was searching for any how-to the know-hows to overcome this terrible thing. Surely there is a way.

I know I will use whipped cream to use as a filling, but will that be able to glue and mend the broken heart? You know what, only one thing to find out: do it!

I still have a huge jar of homemade lemon curd I made from our Tahitian limes which as usual are in season and abundant in our garden. I whipped the cream, drop a tablespoon of lemon curd in it and a little drop of vanilla essence, spread that on the meringue, carefully. To accentuate further more, I drizzled around half cup of lemon curd on the cream, and began to roll.

This is how it turned out. Not that bad. That crippled edges can be bound nicely. The cream did a good job on it, being a glue.

I think I will do a better job when I make it again next time. I will use more egg whites so that to make the roulade thicker which I think will roll nicely.

The addition of lemon curd is a right choice. My beloved husband enjoyed it very much. He hasn't got a rival on this, since I don't quite fancy pavlova nor meringue roulade.

Saya memutuskan untuk bikin dua-duanya, tapi yang saya highlight kali ini adalah meringue roulade. Ternyata tak segampang yang dikira ketika menggulung meringue itu ya. Ada retak sana sini meskipun nanti bakal dilem sama cream dan ditutup sama gula. Suamiku suka banget, karena perpaduan lemon curd dan cream dalam meringue bikin rasanya jadi seimbang.

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Mairi said...

Yum....this looks absolutely delicious Arfi!