August 11, 2013

Photos: Afternoon Tea at Lesley's

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afternoon tea at Lesley's
Just an urgent post, before I start the business of homeschooling again tomorrow. 

It was a lovely afternoon although the gray clouds up there were threatening to spill out some rain (and indeed, it was raining when I drove home). I enjoyed the food and the companies (Mairi, Alli, Carmella, and Gilli)--I will definitely work hard in the garden just to burn those calories, otherwise, if it's raining I might make sure I do a whole flow body yoga tomorrow. 

The lovely host was Lesley, over at Eat, etc. Lesley lives in Pukekawa, apparently only 25 minutes drive from my own place. She lives in a rural area as well as I do. Hop on to see her blog to get to know her more, if you like.

Here are some photos I took. Till we meet again, ladies!

Afternoon tea at Lesley's place-Pukekawa-8
Afternoon tea at Lesley's place-Pukekawa-7 Afternoon tea at Lesley's place-Pukekawa-6
Afternoon tea at Lesley's place-Pukekawa-5 Afternoon tea at Lesley's place-Pukekawa-4
Afternoon tea at Lesley's place-Pukekawa-2 Afternoon tea at Lesley's place-Pukekawa


easyfoodhacks said...

Great to meet you Arfi, and really enjoyed the lapis legit and the chocolate hail cake. I can see why you are coveting those lens, the gorgeous photos are amazingly sharp.

Lesley said...

I agree - lovely photos Arfi.

Alessandra said...

How lovely, I am sure that you had fun and everything on that table looks so yummy!!


arfi binsted said...

Carmella: That long lens is absolutely changing my life forever! I am still thinking of it even after a week hahaha! I guess I fell in love with that L lens.
Lesley: thank you for having us, Lesley. You were superb!
Alessandra: It was so yummy, I just did not eat anything at dinner time but some fruits and had to workout really hard the next morning hehehe... Wish you were there.

Mairi said...

Lovely to see you! Beautiful photos!