October 09, 2013

Curry Puffs aka Karipap, A Way to Enjoy Curry

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Curry Puffs aka Karipap by homemadesbyarfidotcom
When I saw a batch of pasties photos on Widya's facebook timeline, I fell in love immediately. Those pasties look so beautiful with flaked layers that enclosed yummy curried food inside. I thought of making it, and finally gave myself a go.

Curry Puffs by homemadesbyarfidotcom

I came across Sam Tan's blog post in search of Karipap, and I use her recipe to make mine. 

I have never thought the process is that simple. Started by making two kind of dough: water dough and butter dough, and proceeded with filling of your choice, mostly curried one--that's where the name is coming from, I suppose, it is a curry puff. 

Water dough rules the skin part, while butter dough acts like common butter block in butter puff pastry.

Frankly saying, food processor makes chopping and blending as easy as one, two, three. So I saved my time and muscles (doh!) to work on it just to break the ingredients into breadcrumbs-like mixture.

I turned the mixture on my worktop, and manually knead it until it becomes homogeneous, like a butter block.

I weighed each dough and work on them one pair at a time.

Next process is to put the butter block in the centre of the water dough, enclosing it until we have one united dough ball. This dough is ready to roll out.

Roll out thinly and then roll to be spiral, roll out again, and roll a spiral like you normally do when rolling a Swiss roll, so Sam Tan said.

Slice this spiral roll. This is the best part: each slice will carry layers of dough. These layers will determine the beauty of karipap look.

Roll each slice of dough thinly and fill it with prepared filling. I make beef, potato and peas curry, like the one you make for samosa's, which I cooked the day before I make these pasties and cooled in the fridge to develop its flavour even more.

The next step becomes my daughter's work. She loves fold-and-pinch the edge of the pasties. It is a great team work in the kitchen. Pasties are nicely done. 

Curry Puffs aka Karipap-3 by homemadesbyarfidotcom

We enjoyed Karipap as our light lunch. Actually, it is quite filling with potatoes and all, it is not quite 'light' as light. We still have some leftover for dinner as well, and we eat them with some green salad I picked from our garden. So it was pretty much a nice Karipap day!