September 29, 2014

Genoise Cake Desserts

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Klub Berani Baking is now 7 years old. We are still 'getting together' to try out recipes and bake every two months. Sometimes it's an easy challenge, other time is rather tricky one. Those who dare will always await the new recipe sent to their mailbox and are eager to face up each challenge patiently and passionately; those who don't will miss out. There is a little discussion every now and then in our mailing list emails or through KBB's Facebook Page; often is we are clattering in our kitchen without further ado, unless many are held back till the deadline is approaching. Oh, what fun for the hosts to work on the round-up the last minute.

As with each challenge, I have set up a list what areas we are going to do more by listening to members's suggestions and initiation from the crews. I have tried to make it different variety and interesting values, although what you think it's various and interesting does not always work the same to others. At least, I and the KBB crews keep it fresh each year, so that we don't fall into boredom. We also look for what's trending in the bakery world these days, so we can also experience it in our home kitchen. Such as last challenge, Kurtos Kalacs, was booming in Indonesia at the time we had it tried out.

This time, we are baking Genoise Cake as the base for making a desserts. Rather a fancy one, I think, since it is involving chocolate belts and whatnot. And because it is an important occasion for it is KBB's birthday.

It has to be something special, don't you think?
There is no major difficulties in baking Genoise Cake for me, since I have baked it many times in my 13 years grueling in the kitchen. So, the cake turned out nicely and good size. A rather tricky matter for me is to make the chocolate belts. I have got a situation here.

After I've done all of those steps, from preparing the ingredients, baking, to filling and icing the cake, I put the cake in the fridge while I am melting chocolate in a double boiler for the belts.

So OK. Thought I have bought a transparent sheet used for chocolate and desserts, which I forget what's the name, and ramble through my utilities cupboards and found two sheets of them. The size was not as long as I want it, so I joined them..with a sellotape. I am thinking that it may be alright because there will be no overlapping sheets to crack the chocolate later on.

Right. After tempering the chocolate, I started having fun, squeezing all the chocolate on top of the sheets, trying to make a rather simple belt really, just drizzling it around here and there; a bit thickening the chocolate on the bottom to cover the sides of the cake. And then... the phone rings. It was my kids, wanting me to pick them up at the pony club. I was panic!

The journey will take around 20 minutes altogether from home to the Kaipo Flats and back. By then, my chocolate will be set! I grabbed the keys and drove away rather out of my comfort zone, keeping finger crossed that my chocolate won't be too hard to bend around the cake. As soon as the kids jumped in, I started to head home under their protests. I said, I have chocolate to rescue soon!

And so, I ran to the kitchen as soon as we arrived, did not even bother to lock the car. My chocolate was hardened and it was unlikely to bend it. But I tried anyway with all my might. It worked, thank goodness! I left the cake there while I did other chores.

I peeled the sheets off the chocolate and thought it might cracked. Yeah, it cracked the top one where the joined was. Oh well, it might not be a perfect cake in appearance but I am sure it tastes really good.

And it does!

We had a slice each after working in the garden.   

Happy Birthday, KBB!

Review: Membuat cake-nya saja ngga ribet sih, cuma saat bikin chocolate belt-nya ada masalah. Saat bikin chocolate belt aku musti jemput anak-anak dari klub berkuda, sampai takut nih chocolate bakal terlalu keras saat pulang. Tapi alhamdulillah, coklat masih bisa dikerjakan dan jadi santapan yang enak untuk afternoon tea atau desserts. 

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